Latest Microsoft patents can turn Hololens Augmented Reality into Virtual Reality glasses


"Microsoft has applied for a patent for a head-mounted display with an electrochromic dimming module which would switch glasses on demand from augmented to virtual reality."

"The technology provides a dimming module for a near-eye display, NED, device that controls an amount of ambient light that passes through the transmissive near-eye display to a user."

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gangsta_red1382d ago

Wow, I even suggested this is a past comment when Hololens was first introduced. I made a comment asking if the hololens could also double as a VR headset.

Guess it couldn't but the idea was obviously already thought of by MS.

A free roaming AR/VR device...interesting.

ABizzel11381d ago

I've been saying this for months for both HoloLens and PSVR, how VR/AR would be the future, and not just one technology.

gangsta_red1381d ago

That would definitely get me more interested in this type of tech if it were somehow combined effectively.

Lennoxb631382d ago

They're to use the cloud to do processing if the project irides patent lines up with this.

Barnaby-Jones1382d ago

A 2-in-1 one device could be pretty nice. I'd imagine they would try to have it able to connect with the Xbox in the future. Imagine playing a Halo game in VR mode then switching to AR mode and having Cortana greet you in your room. Also I had a thought of having AI's like Cortana connecting to your Xbox through Hololens and being able to play an offline game with you competitively or co-op.

The future is exciting and filled with awesome possibilities!

stuna11382d ago

So if so, how much will these glasses really be at launch for the general public!? Not to mention no tethering an already short battery life, not being totally immersive even with the dimming glass. Regular glasses that use dimming technologies now are expensive without the electronic and mechanical additions, we're talking about VR, AR, dimming lenses, acceletrometer,onboard computer, 2 mp camera, 2 GB ram!?

VR itself is not coming in as cheap now, but adding AR into the mix is only going to compound the price.

Rookie_Monster1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

MEGATON! If they can somehow also combine VR with AR for used at the same time for games, it will be a game changer!

Is it me or is MS always giving their Xbox fanbase value and multiple options for their products?

1. Buy a blockbuster AAA game like Fallout 4 and Gears Ultimate, get BC digital game(s) with it.

2. Buy KI or Quantum Break on XB1, get the PC version for free.

3. Subscribed to Live, Get both 2 XB1 titles and 2 X360 BC titles per month.

4. The latest, Buy Hololens AR and get VR for free.

Well done MS and Team Xbox. Keep up the good work guys.

zerocarnage1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Sounds about rite there. Me have been on that road for a while.

You can add the fact that hardware upgrades for the future on xb1 will be a welcomed addition.

As well as those new dx12 screenshots of rotr look amazing on xb1. All we have to do is wait for the patches to come rolling in down the coming months years.

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