February’s Best – Aliens & Super Hot Fires

Pixelgate writes:

''February was a pretty solid month for video games. There was a healthy range of titles that offered different experiences, with some of those being totally fresh. Now the month has ended, it’s time to reflect on the best February had to offer.''

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Miguelitons2531d ago

Love Hitman Go on the PS Vita!

PixelGateUk2531d ago

Little bald man on the little scree, it's the perfect match

Manio312531d ago

Firewatch looks like it was interesting.

PixelGateUk2531d ago

Best played wearing flannel and facial hair

Dark_Crow2531d ago

Superhot is calling to me.

Yui_Suzumiya2530d ago

Is Superhot a timed exclusive? I'd love to get it on PS4.

DarkOcelet2530d ago

SUPERHOT is so Repetitive.

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