No Man's Sky Accidentally Listed For Pre-Order On PS Blog, Removed Quickly, Still Listed On Amazon

No Man's Sky is currently listed for a release in June 2016 for the PS4 and PC. While the game still hasn't received a confirmed date of release, it is going to be up for pre-order soon as a mistake was made in a recent blog post on the official PlayStation blog, which listed the game being up for pre-order on March 3rd, 2016.

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-Foxtrot1384d ago

Hopefully this gets a retail release with a nice collectors edition

DigitalRaptor1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

A collector's box with a scale model of one of the ships in the game would be cool.

Like this one:

-Foxtrot1384d ago

I was hoping for that Diamond looking thing as a lamp which glows

ArchangelMike1383d ago

Collectors edition will probably come with the OST from 65 days of static.

Free_Fro1384d ago

Man, I actually want to try this game out ..
I like the idea of flying around resource gathering ..

Theyve gone a bit quiet ..

No pressure though, you're in the spotlight now.


Apocalypse Shadow1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

I want to try it out too. Hope the announcement for PSVR is soon.

But if you're looking for a bite sized version with no killing, try ADIOS. It's actually fun and challenging. Fuel control later on gets tough.

I think NMS is a bigger version of it. The physics is crazy. Last night I almost got killed when two planets collided and I launched just in time off of one of them. They were circling some weird anomaly.

crazychris41241384d ago

Maybe they will show off the game at GDC in 2 weeks like last year.

Eonjay1384d ago

The release date shown is awfully unlikely.

Lon3wolf1384d ago

3/3 is the start of pre-ordering not the release date.

Eonjay1384d ago

Oh okay thanks for the correction.

Goldby1384d ago


as PSX they released a video stating june 2016 is release so i would take that over an amazon post

DigitalRaptor1384d ago

Worth that price in my book.

I think Sony would be smart to offer a timed trial of that game over PSN.

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