Pokemon 20th Anniversary Celebi Wi-Fi Event Now Live

To commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Pokemon Company, a Legendary or Mythical Pokemon will be released in a Pokemon Event from now until the Christmas Holiday. The Mew Event has recently ended, and now the Celebi Event has gone live.

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ninsigma1373d ago

Thanks for the heads up! Just got back into pokemon with Y and didn't realise this was happening. Missed Mew :(

cleft51372d ago

I just got back into Pokemon with X, lol.

ninsigma1372d ago

That was the first gen 6 I played so went with Y this time. Had all my pokemon X, white and heart gold brought over through pokemon bank. I've been flying through the story by swapping my team with pokemon close to the limit of the badge I currently own. I've been destroying everything xD