4 Nintendo Anniversaries Pokemon Totally Overshadowed This Year

While it’s mighty impressive just how dedicated Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have been to the series' 20th anniversary, all this Poké-hullabaloo has been taking away from several other notable Nintendo anniversaries that deserve plenty of praise as well.

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bcornett141382d ago

I've got a feeling they'll play up the 30th anniversary of Zelda when Zelda Wii U launches.

The fact that Metroid continues to get the boot is the real crime.

Sly-Lupin1382d ago

Maybe, but the 30th anniversary was last week and as far as I know Nintendo didn't do anything.

Unless you count the Twilight Princess port?

PhoenixUp1382d ago

More like "Meh-troid." That's how Nintendo's behavior towards the legendary influential franchises's 30th anniversary seems to be

MetroidFREAK211382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

If Nintendo forgets about Metroid like the company did for the 25th anniversary... I'll be livid...

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1382d ago

Why would they have a 25th Anniversary when the last game people hated. Anything that isn't prime. Fans won't be satisfied.

MetroidFREAK211382d ago

1 bad game out of 11 shouldn't mean we don't pay attention to a certain franchise...

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1382d ago

Actually it does. Especially when the fans don't like having anything but Prime.
There a reason why Pokemon, Mario, Zelda and of Nintendo franchises have anniversary. Because fans are more accepting and don't go ape shit over some spinning or difference approach on the series.

psyduck1381d ago

I feel like the reason why fans of things like Pokemon, Mario, and Zelda don't lose the plot when side games or spin-offs come out is because they also get new proper titles with some sort of consistency.

Every 3-5 years there will be a new console Zelda, with one or two new handheld Zeldas in between, often with a spin-off or in there for good measure. A new pair of mainline Pokemon games also comes out every 3ish years, with countless Pokemon-themed apps, spin-offs, mini-games, etc. "Mainline" Mario games are less consistent, but there are still so many of them without even mentioning the sports games, the party games, and all those other Mario spin-offs.

Meanwhile, Metroid Prime: Pinball in 2005 is the only real spin-off the series has seen, but it's sandwiched by MP2 in 2004 and MP3 in 2007. Nobody made a fuss about there being a Metroid pinball game because there were consistent mainline titles coming out.

If a new "proper" Metroid title came out in 2014, with promise of the series continuing, it's extremely unlikely that Federation Force wouldn't have been met with such backlash. It would have been seen as a nifty little side project to bridge the gap between two bigger titles, just like TriForce Heroes or Pokémon Rumble.