Time to Pre-Order – HTC Vive vs Oculus Rift

HTC started accepting orders for its VR kit, the Vive, on February 29, 2016 and will start shipping them out on April 5 2016. Oculus has been accepting pre-orders for the Rift since early January and is keen on shipping them out on March 18 2016, i.e. 21 days ahead of the HTC Vive.

Let’s see what each platform has to offer.

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ArchangelMike1375d ago

I'll wait for Sony to have their PSVR conference before I decide, but it's more likely that I will go with PSVR especially if it's the cheapest of the three.

Si-Fly1375d ago

Is that because you don't own a good enough gaming PC?

I've pre-ordered a Rift as I only want it for seated VR experiences like iRacing and ED. I'll probably pick up a PSVR too if it has some good games at launch.

nicholebyersWhe1375d ago

It's time for me to put an order for this deal

Grave1375d ago

I just watched a video on the HTC Vive and it is hands down the best one I've seen so far.