Vivendi’s Hostile Ubisoft Takeover Could Destroy the Sanctity of Assassin’s Creed

If the Vivendi’s hostile takeover is successful, you can pretty much kiss everything you do love about Ubisoft goodbye.

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Idiedgoodbye1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

I dislike Ubisoft so this could be for the better. I sure wouldn't mind a change especially for the better. Ubisoft sucks.

C-H-E-F1374d ago

UBISOFT destroyed Assassins creed, I loved the game, initially but after they went to the yearly releases I stopped playing them. I think AC3 was my last one. Ubisoft is no better than EA when it comes to quality of their games and longevity. These companies used to be the best now I look forward to midsized companies for quality and game longevity.

Pastorfuzz1374d ago

Isn't Vivendi owned by Universal Studios?

n4rc1374d ago

nah.. they own universal and activision (or merged, i forget)

n4rc1374d ago

In 2003, amid a major financial crisis caused by over-expansion, Universal Studios' parent company, Vivendi Universal Entertainment (a division of Vivendi), decided to sell an 80% stake to NBC's parent company, General Electric. The sale and resulting merger formed NBC Universal. The new company was 80% owned by GE, and 20% owned by Vivendi.[8

morganfell1374d ago

I have to agree with GRU. Ubisoft destroyed Ghost Recon, they ground Rainbow Six into meat. Only the last Splinter Cell was somewhat redeemed and then at the cost of Michael Ironside.

Also hardcoregamer makes a sophomoric assumption that increasing revenue means that the game production will go into overdrive. They believe that Vivendi will expend a huge amount of resources to acquire Ubisoft and then start down a path guaranteed to destroy said acquisition. They ignore the fact that something concerning quality of the catalog of titles may be effected instead. Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six have both been wasted franchises that properly handled with quality could become extremely successful.

Ubisoft has other IPs that have languished as well. IPs fans would want to see brought back to the market.

CBaoth1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

I'm never in favor of a company being replaced by a bigger, more monolithic conglomerate. Vivendi sucks. I was glad to see Activision gain its independence when they left the market the first time. Now they're back. I wonder why? Methinks this will be one of those "grass isn't always greener on the other side" kinda moments.

EDIT: not that I love ubisoft or anything but gaming is the sole focus of the company. Where do you think gaming is on Vivendi's hierarchy?

Zeref1374d ago

A hostile takeover is never good. Most of the talent will probably leave.

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starrman19851374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

So I can kiss the repetitive side mission structure that's recycled through all of their games goodbye? Huzzah!

Some of their smaller games are actually pretty good in all fairness, I just think giving their main games a big overhaul wouldn't be a bad idea!

The 10th Rider1374d ago

I wouldn't even be excited if they announced a new Beyond Good and Evil or Prince of Persia because you can bet they'd just be new versions of Ubisoft: the Game.

Lamboomington1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Did you read the article ?

The author is implying that the takeover will do the exact opposite, making things worse than they are now. Just recently Ubisoft announced that AC would be shelved for a while as it is revamped.

The author is basically saying that Vivendi, with their goals for much higher revenue, could destroy all that.

"That means taking Assassin’s Creed (along with other popular titles) off the back burner and turning them out on a creative conveyor belt, year after year, for the sake of milking that cow for a bigger profit"

n4rc1374d ago

same company behind activision.. we all know how they operate

Ristul1374d ago

shit turns into some other shit, no biggie.

GhostTurtle1374d ago

Funny how the article makes Ubisoft out as a quality company.

Lamboomington1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

It specifically refers to them shelving the AC series to revamp it completely. How is that not a good thing ? The article then goes on to say that Vivendi takeover would probably make things worse.

Give credit where it's due. Don't continuously make Ubisoft out to be the devil in every discussion.

iceman061374d ago

The problem here is that a larger, more profit driven company will be taking it's place. You think they are milking things now? You ain't seen nothing yet if this happens.

nicholebyersWhe1374d ago

It's a shame to see the chances of good game for release being destroyed

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