Far Cry Primal PC Benchmark Ultra GTX 980 Ti (4K & 1080p)

Ubisoft released its Far Cry Primal PC version today and as expected the game features its own benchmark tool so you can test how well the game performs on your PC and tailor the settings to suit.

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Neonridr1380d ago

Wow, even the 980 Ti struggled at the beginning of that benchmark (at 1080p - Ultra), I was surprised to see it dip into the 30s.

iistuii1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

Yeah my 980ti did that in the benchmark test but in game its perfect, no dips below 60fps on ultra at 1080p vsync,. runs very well for a Ubi game

Neonridr1379d ago

well that is good to know, thanks.

CP_Company1379d ago

in my book ultra is when all,yes all things are turn on and other settings are on ultra.

SniperControl1379d ago

In the 4k vid, Anti Aliasing doesn't need to be turned on because the pixals are closer together, so you wont see many jaggies, hence why is is turned off.

Si-Fly1379d ago

There's something seriously wrong with this port.

Genova841379d ago

Shit! Thanks for the heads up. Going to stay away for the moment.

WeAreLegion1379d ago

Still having trouble installing drivers for my 980 Ti.