Can Sony corner the VR market?

In Episode 16 of The Analog Circle Podcast we will be discussing the latest gaming news,going over the answers given by the N4G community for last weeks question,and asking can Sony corner the VR market?

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Eonjay1379d ago

One thing I can say for sure its that it will win the VR war on the PS4... due mostly in part to the fact that it has the only headset on the PS4... so that market is cornered. And the console market is big so thats a good start for them. I still think all the VR devices will need help from each other to reach as many consumers as possible.

Neonridr1379d ago

it will win the VR war on the PS4?

Who is its competition? Itself? :P

ArchangelMike1378d ago

I think Sony can win the VR market full stop. They will have the cheapest headset with the most accesible library of games. They also have 1st party studios who will make games that will maximise the system.

SpeakTruthAlways1378d ago

Yeah, sony has got console PSVR market on lock, whenever ps5 is coming, it's going to support VR.

rainslacker1377d ago

I think you mean it can corner the VR market on consoles.

DigitalRaptor1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Biggest strength is price and accessibility over the PC solutions.
That is something they've already been handed.

Their second biggest strength is PlayStation brand association.
That is something they have earned.

SpeakTruthAlways1378d ago

It will....on consoles, now if PSVR can be modded to work on pc as well, that'll surely help to boost the sales, because it's bound to be cheaper than occulus and vive.

Bathyj1378d ago

I think Sony can improve and grow the VR market and that will be good for everyone.

VR needs a mainstream entry point so anyone can get into it, and then more sophisticated expensive options for enthusiasts.

There have been a couple pushes for VR in my lifetime. None have taken off. If this one fails no one will try again for at least a decade. VRs success is not assured. I think all the players need to do well for it to really take hold. Sony does have the best chance though of capturing the biggest market share.

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