PC Gaming Entusiast Reviews The Culling Closed Alpha Impressions: Cullculated Crafting

Gregory Bargas from PC gives his impressions of the closed alpha game The Culling.

Disclaimer: A code was received for preview purposes. The game played was a Closed Alpha build prior to the launch on Steam’s Early Access. His impressions are intended as a preview and not the conclusion of the final product.

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LaWiiG1382d ago

This game wasn't on my radar. That has changed. Looks fun!

MordocSeLanmere1382d ago

Honestly this looks like everything I desperately wanted Ark to turn into during its earlier alpha stages. Has some huge potential for sure.

LaWiiG1382d ago

After playing ARK on the Xbox One I was taken back. It just looked botched and messy. And tbh, The Culling killings further along in its pre alpha than ARK. Less clunky all around.

EricWeichhart1382d ago

I never heard of this game but it looks quite interesting.

LaWiiG1382d ago

Have you ever played any arena survival titles? If you like any pvp titles, it's kinda similar in FP view. I hope it comes to console. Totally plausible.