Can Destiny Survive with The Division?

ThisGenGaming says "With The Division coming out in just a few week, it got me asking myself. Will I go back to Destiny anytime soon? I am a huge fan of Destiny and have been ever since launch. I have also played The Division since Alpha too. I find that The Division reminds of Destiny a lot, nothing wrong with that all, but everything is done better. Destiny was a new MMO shooter that had everyone talking, Single Player mode, Co-op mode, and a Multiplayer mode. The Single Player mode was good, just an average story like some games. Co-op mode was fun, you can do the story missions, do Raids, and side missions. The Multiplayer mode is just like any other Multiplayer game you expect."

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Neonridr1377d ago

There are a lot of good games coming out soon, my interest in Destiny has waned the past couple of weeks. Once the Division launches my interest in Destiny will be very low, and then April brings Quantum Break and Uncharted 4.

Needless to say until they bring a new update I am probably done with Destiny aside from popping on here and there with buddies occasionally for IB or Trials. My characters are all at 319 and only a 320 class item for each is holding me back.. not gonna grind out Kings Fall over and over again just for that.

guywazeldatatt1377d ago

really hard to say. Destiny needs to make some definite adjustments though and Bungie needs to step up their game if they are going to compete.

Masterofwiiu3ds1377d ago

I don't think so. All of my Destiny buddies are patiently waiting for the Division to come out to make the full transition to a new game. Obviously, me and my Destiny people don't make up the majority, but if we are any indication, Destiny is about to lose a whole slew of players.

We might come back - it happened with Fallout 4. But if the Division is good enough - we might not.

fallacious1377d ago

I'm just waiting until it turns out to be another destiny. Was really excited the first time I played the closed beta, but after playing it again in the open beta and the devs not mentioning any other end game content besides DZ, it looks like its gonna be another destiny.

Goldby1377d ago

They are keeping things secret on purpose. Some youtubers have already seen what available and said without going into detail we are in for surprises. I believe it was eithher fragz or Team Epiphany.

If they were to announce and let us know everythibg off the bat, by this time we would be compaining that it doesn't have enough content. Even if it did include raids, a special pvp zone in north manhattan, and all the non dz areas, we would still want more. By reducing what they are letting us know about, they are reducing that Quantity vs Quality debate. If there is only non Dz, Dz and raids but they are all great quality, ill take that over a pvp centric area. Ita an RPG first and foremost so there will be lots to do in the game, and alot of game to cover before max level/end game content. Almost 200k experience to go from 20-21.

averagejoe261377d ago

Definitely going to be similar to Destiny. You can tell by the interviews, leaked info, alpha/beta, etc. It seems quite obvious if you're really paying attention.

Ubisoft watched Bungie make incredibly huge profits and wanted to follow suit. And why wouldn't they? Small amounts of content/cut content for campaign with multiplier providing the longevity.

I hope I'm wrong. I really do. I want The Division to release and surprise me...but I don't think that's coming.

jhpadilla1377d ago

The beta was promising, but so was Destiny's. First, I'll check reviews, videos, etc., of the finished product. Then maybe.

I like Destiny's concept better, just not the execution. Hopefully this competition will make two great games we can enjoy!

ThunderPulse1376d ago

Yeah Destiny had an amazing concept but such poor execution if it wasn't for the solid PvE gameplay it would've failed hard.

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The story is too old to be commented.