Resident Evil 6 PS4 Trophy List Revealed, Includes 71 Trophies

GS: "The Trophy List for Resident Evil 6 PS4 has been revealed."

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-Foxtrot1378d ago

Hey look the number of trophies beats the games own metacritic score :)

PaleMoonDeath1377d ago

Haha! you win this time bud.

ape0071378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Leon's campaign was decent albeit generic, the others....not so much

the problem with Resi6 is not only the codified style no but also the generic uninspired feeling/design/fun from the new developers

if mikami and and his resi 4 gang developed resi6 (same design style) it would turn out to be a modern day classic, yes different than older games in the franchise but also AMAZING

90% of people don't realize that unfortunately

gantarat1377d ago

i wonder why people say leon campaign is best ?

how many QTEs on his campaign ?
how many times Simmons comeback on Leon Chapter 5 ?

Austin481377d ago Show
FalconR2891377d ago

I can only hope Resident Evil 4 will have closer to 71 trophies than the 12 it had on the HD re-release.

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