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John Ceccarelli, GIZORAMA - "There’s something therapeutic about swinging around like Spider-Man as a little figure made of yarn while a soft score plays in the background. From the very beginning, this is what I found Unravel to be. There are a few action set pieces, but a lot of relaxing moments spent chasing memories and solving puzzles. Unravel puts the player in control of Yarny, the cute little fellow we all fell in love with when the game was first presented at E3, 2015. In Yarny’s shoes, the player must work their way through several puzzle/platforming levels, all inspired by different in-game picture frames that are missing their images. At the end of each level, Yarny finds a yarn memento that returns these lost photographs to the scrapbook that the whole game revolves around. The levels range in environment from a workshop in the middle of the night to a lake in the afternoon, to an evening snow storm. The different settings keep things fresh in an aesthetic way, while the gameplay somewhat stalls out. Unravel, while on the shorter side, presents the gamer with easily digestible levels, allowing them to break up the game into bite sized chunks, which is a nice reprieve from some of the other titles on the market nowadays."

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Retroman1379d ago


ehh, yarny suppose to unravel himself along the way right ? to progress on. in that case he must mass-produce yarn inside him like a Spider.

why not call it "spider-like boy" Unravels.