Disney Infinity designers explain why we don’t need 4.0 and … a possible Michael Jackson figure

GamesBeat talked with Disney Infinity vice president of production John Vignocchi and studio founder John Blackburn about the new content coming to Disney Infinity, the surprising secret behind the best-selling figures, and the obscure characters they’ve discussed adding to the game.

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PhoenixUp1375d ago

Just look at the thumbnail. There's no other major property for Disney to add

GrontB1375d ago

We didn't need a 3.0 lol its all about then just having nothing new to throw at it and force an upgrade. Infinity is a great marketing trick by Disney. Lots of easy money made.

Becuzisaid1375d ago

The star wars sets are are actually really fun.

GrontB1375d ago

I played the star wars set with my nephew. Darth maul was pretty fun. But it's all software updates that they disguise as something new for 60 bucks.

jfcdoomblade1375d ago

Oh man if they did a Rogue One playset and figures I would absolutely get that day one!

RosweeSon1375d ago

Come on I want a billie Jean/beat it edition of Michael Jackson... I'm not even joking ;) Cha'mone!!