Sega: PS2 will continue to sell in its millions during 2007 and even 2008

Simon Jeffery of Sega USA commented that he expects the PS2 will still sell in its mega millions during 2007 and perhaps even 2008. He also believed that the PS2 can compete with 'next-gen' consoles as it is more something that will sit in the kids bedroom as opposed to on a HDTV in the living room.

Sony's PlayStation2 is now six years old, yet it's still going strong. How do you explain this?

The PS2's very large user base is partly the reason. It's also that Sony is still actively building, promoting, and selling the PS2. At its current price-we expect another price cut in the not-too-distant future-we believe the PS2 in November-December next year probably has the capacity to sell more than any other format. We think the PS2 will actively be sold for another two holiday seasons (2007 and 2008) and will continue to sell millions of units.

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Kage6414d ago

The way I see it is, the Ps3 doesnt really have to succeed, the PS2 is still a PlayStation product therefore bringing alot of profit to Sony. It may kill all PS3's business but Sony is still taking some of the market.

MicroGamer6414d ago (Edited 6414d ago )

will be replacing their worn out PS2 with a new one. That will account for a lot of the sales. A lot of people will also be buying them as secondary units to put in places like vacation homes and RV's. The same thing happened when the redesigned PSOne was released.

Kage, PS2 can't carry the Sony brand forever. At some point PS3 has to take over, and the sooner that happens, the better. The longer PS2 is on the market for a lower price and with more games and developers continue to support it, PS3 is going to be slow to reach critical mass. With the huge sales leads that 360 and Wii have on PS3, keeping the PS2 in production is going to contribute heavily to the death of PS3.

Juevani6414d ago (Edited 6414d ago )

PS2 will just warm up for the PS3, in march it will be around 6 mill. PS3 sold world wide if not more and guese it will be around 20 to 25 mill. PS3s sold between march and x-mas 2007, by then Sony will drop The PS2 to boost up the PS3 sells even more cus in that we'll see price drop and many exclusive games out, that way sony will sell millions of bundles in x-mas 2007 (MGS4 Bundle, FF13 maybe and many more) Sony is a one smart company.

TheMART6414d ago

Nope, the laggards in buying process will buy a PS2 because it's still supported.

Those for next gen stuff go for the XBOX 360. The PS3 won't sell enough and could bring Sony in big trouble.

Selling figures of december 2006 for North America:

360 sold 2 million
Wii sold 1.8 million
PS3 sold 750k

The rest of the world even had no choice between next gen consoles and bought a 360 for Christmas right away.

Too bad. Sony waited, waited and lost

Kage6414d ago

You realize with Sales of the PS2 Sony could afford to bring the PS3's pricetag down. Early this year if the PS3 isnt doing well they will reduce the price. If the PS3 goes down to 400 it will outsell the 360 with ease. All Sony has to do is play their cards right. Microsoft had their year of greatness, but this year is most likely not gonna be their year. Halo 3 is gonna be a really good title, but most of the ppl who wanted that game already have a 360 therefore wont be much of a system seller.

Oncnawan6413d ago

How will Sony sell 5.15 million PS3s (6m - .85m = 5.15m) in three months when they couldn't sell 1 million PS3s in one and a half months during the holiday season?

FeralPhoenix6413d ago (Edited 6413d ago )

yes the sales of the PS2 are still very good, but that doesn't mean Sony can afford to lower the price on the PS3 since right now they are currently making only $8 dollars on every PS2 sold according to the latest figures I saw....but they are already losing $241.35 on every PS3 sold...

-so I wouldn't expect a price drop anytime soon, Sony invest BIG TIME in the PS3 and they need to sell alot of PS2 just at to equal their losses on PS3, I have no doubt that Sony is please with sales of PS2 because it is help their overall bottom line in the market, but trust me even Sony would much rather sales pick up on PS3 because even though they will lose money on the front end, the PS3 is the key to their future success in the industry....and they need a large "next gen" fanbase to keep dev support and thus make recoup their losses from game sales.

BTW, orginal xbox never made a profit, but of course M$ was the new guy among 2 giants in the industry and they had the kind of money it takes to "get your foot in the door", if ya know what I mean.

MicroGamer6413d ago

price drop on PS2 again soon. So there goes the $8 profit they were making on each unit. If they drop it even $10 they are back in the red with PS2, so they will have two consoles that are losing money on each sale.