PlayStation Store Sales in North America: March 1 to 7, 2016

PSLS: This week on the PlayStation Store in North America, you’ll find deals on Resident Evil games and DLC, with Capcom also giving away a free 20th anniversary PlayStation 4 theme.

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WeAreLegion1380d ago

Great sale if you don't already own some of the Resident Evil games. Just a reminder, however: They're releasing remastered* versions of RE4/5/6 this year.

*We'll see about that...

Theparanerds1380d ago

I purchased all of these already but it's a great sale for those who haven't.

MaxCompiler1380d ago

Should i buy RE4 for the PS3? (i already own it in Gamecube, Wii and 360) or just wait the PS4 version later this year... or just buy both... i love RE4.

And which mode do you recommend me in RE6? i love mercenaries in that game and i havent play the additional modes. Which mode still got movement in the PS3?

SolidGear31380d ago

Leon's campaign is pretty awesome.

MaxCompiler1380d ago

Yeah it is, i prefer Christ one. But i was talking about the DLC modes like Siege or Survivor, which one is better or more fun to play?

ifistbrowni1380d ago

I might pick up Revelations 2 for ps4. I already own Zero and REmake.

SolidGear31380d ago

It's quite awesome. I enjoyed it alot more than the first Revelations.

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