10 Games to Look Forward to in March 2016

March is packed with games. Here are 10 standout titles for the coming weeks.

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GigawattConduit1374d ago

Of all these, I think the Division will get my money first. Mayyyyybe Republique as well, if I hear good things about it.

Orejillz1374d ago

republique is one of the ones I really want, especially since I can get all episodes day one.

skcej1374d ago

Division and Hyrule Warriors: Legends. Trying to find more reasons to use my 3DS and I heard some pretty good things about it on Wii U!

Orejillz1374d ago

that has me tempted to buy a 3ds (surprised I don't have one already)

Warshade1374d ago

REPUBLIQUE (PS4) is really the only one on there that I have any interest in. Others I either already played or are not my bag baby.