Far Cry Primal Review - Barebacking a Sabre-Toothed Tiger is as Magical as it Sounds | COG

COG writes - Not many games take you back to the Stone Age but Far Cry Primal does and it does so in style. Just the breath of fresh air the franchise needed.

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MRBIGCAT1383d ago

Oh man that header is priceless. Lol

But in all seriousness I feel like Far Cry is becoming yet another yearly franchise, which is disappointing to say the least.

DynoMiteLaserCat1383d ago

I'm loving this game so far. I think the series needed something fresh to keep it alive and Primal totally got it right.

UnHoly_One1383d ago

I agree.

I admit I was skeptical of how this would hold up as a full game, without 40 different guns, and vehicles and winguits, etc...

I love it. I like it more than 4 honestly.

Last night I had a mission I wanted to complete that in an area that I hadn't uncovered on the map yet.

With a few outposts to clear out, a few missions to complete, and the random things you encounter to do and explore on the way, it took me a few hours just to GET to the mission.

But every second of it was a blast.

Silly Mammo1383d ago

I'm enjoying this game as well. What animal do people use the most? I've been using the sabertooth cause he can fight and he keeps the other predators off my back when I'm getting supplies.

Just got the rideable sabertooth last night.

UnHoly_One1383d ago

The Sabertooth seems to the "best" one for overall ferociousness, plus you can ride him. I use him most of all.

I like to switch up to the Black Jaguar when I'm about to assault an outpost and I'm trying to be stealthy.

Those are my two most used animals. The bears are also good at scaring away other animals and great in a fight, but they are too aggressive for my taste. They pick fights with people and blow my cover when I'm still trying to stay hidden.

Silly Mammo1383d ago

The Snow Leopard is actually really good to have when you are hunting a certain animal. Like the f'ing badger!! #@$%@!#

UnHoly_One1383d ago

Yes, I love that "tag all nearby animals" perk.

That's good stuff.

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MadMax1383d ago

Totally agree! They made the right move with Primal. I cannot seem to get enough of it!

generalwinter1383d ago

I'll definitely buy this at some point!

rextraordinaire1382d ago

Oh boy I didn't read that headline the way it was intended.

Digital_Anomaly1382d ago

Oh I think you did... that was the joke!