The Trophy News Direct from Leipzig, Day 1

PS3T writes:

"As some of you know, a few of us are attending the Leipzig Games Convention this week representing x360a and of course, we never forget our sister site. In some developer walkthroughs with various publishers, we managed to ask the age old question to keep all you Trophy hunters happy:

Will your title support Trophies?

And here is the general consensus from day 1. I'll warn you know though, the day started badly for Sony's Trophy system, but certainly got better throughout the day.

Click the jump for the full list of confirmed Trophy titles."

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Fowack4534d ago

fallout i now have to buy this game, seeing that i am a trophy whore and all. good decision to implement them IMHO

Ben10544534d ago

when all games have trophy support, your gonna have to buy them all

SullyDrake4534d ago (Edited 4534d ago )

Or rent. It just so happens that all 4 games for PS3 with Trophies are worth purchase. Games like HAWX and EndWar are bound to be good but not my type, so I'll just be renting them.

And SIX, Fallout 3 isn't confirmed to have Trophies yet, but it's being seriously considered.

Panthers4534d ago

OMG Endwar I hope is awesome. I havent been keeping up but I know it is a RTS!

Marceles4534d ago

Spider Man: Web of Shadows - Probably not because it was too late in the development stage to add them in.


/end extreme sarcasm

SullyDrake4534d ago

I'll give it a quick rent for the Trophies, you will too.

I doubt it'll be worth $60 though, so I'll drop $7, get my Trophies, and be on my way.

TOSgamer4534d ago

Not bad. Sure better then the 3 games that support trophies out right now.

Megaton4534d ago

Go hunt down Kojima and demand an answer on MGS4.

meepmoopmeep4534d ago

that's the top of my trophy priority right now, MGS4.
i don't care much about trophies. only certain games.

SullyDrake4534d ago

I'm still saving my next playthroughs for the inevitable Trophy patch... Which should of been out already.

behemothzero4534d ago

I'm not good enough (yet) to get the Big Boss Emblem, so I'm trying for the Hound/Fox/Foxhound Emblems first and going to go for BBE when trophies arrive.

SullyDrake4534d ago

Are you kidding? It's not out until November right? They have plenty of time! That's bullshit.

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The story is too old to be commented.