Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls Collection Launch Trailer

EB: Quantic Dreams’ Heavy Rain is now available for PS4, joining Beyond: Two Souls on the new platform. A launch trailer has been released to promote the new bundle for these two games, which costs $39.99.

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Sarah_Ch1375d ago

Why no physical release for US:( Europe got MGSv ps4 bundle we didn't, Europe are getting 1TB uncharted 4 bundle and we're getting 500 GB instead. Now they're getting a physical release for this collection and we are dreaming . WTF Sony!!

hkgamer1375d ago

dont you have a PS4 already? why do you care about bundles?

BlakHavoc1375d ago

Please stop with the remasters! How about more games that define THIS gen of gaming.

fattyuk1375d ago

Youve got a point,

but i loved both of these games, i even played heavy rain for solid for a whole weekend and platinumed it

loved it

BlakHavoc1375d ago

That's awesome and I enjoyed playing TLOU remastered which is one of my favorite games ever, but at the same time I want games that I'll remember this gen for. Strictly speaking about exclusives. It feels like we're getting remasters plugged in while we wait for the PS4 exclusives to start rolling in. I realize everyone may not feel this way though, but me personally I thought KZ and SS were good but not great and I didn't care much for BB. So UC4 is really the first exclusive I'm super pumped for. I'm hoping things are just starting off slow this gen and were about to get blitzed with great exclusives starting this year.

Strikepackage Bravo1375d ago

I agree, stop with the remasters. But you also need to understand Sony does not have the cash to finance a bunch of risky cutting edge new IPs. I suspect Sony Corp. is using the cash from PS4s robust sales to keep the rest of the failing company afloat. This is why we see so little reinvestment back into playstation even thought the division has been very successful.

fattyuk1374d ago

"But you also need to understand Sony does not have the cash to finance a bunch of risky cutting edge new IPs"

THey invested in the order 1886 and every shat on them for it

1375d ago
JBryant06191375d ago

i mean there is always importing but I'll wait for a physical collection for the U.S.

DanielEndurance1375d ago

I made the mistake of importing Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, thinking if it was coming to the U.S., they would have released it along with the U.K. version or at least announced it. ...This time I'll wait a month and see. It has to come, right?

SolidGear31375d ago

Yeah, I got The Old Blood when it released in stores for $20

BLow1375d ago

Well I held off buying Beyond thinking that they would release on PS4. Well, now it looks like I'll be getting this bundle. Can't wait....