Here Is Dark Souls III’s First 30 Minutes of Gameplay

Check out the first 30 minutes of Dark Souls III.

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GigawattConduit1384d ago

Dang, this doesn't look half bad. I may try to actually get into this series now.

Orejillz1384d ago

I will definitely be playing this day one

skcej1384d ago

Been meaning to get into the series for a while and this has just confirmed the fact that I NEED TO TRY THESE GAMES!

Forn1383d ago

The entire Souls series (including Bloodborne) has led up to this game, and it really shows. Miyazaki and his team I feel are really creating something that will remain with me as one of my new favorite games of all time, same as some others in the series.

esmittystud1011384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Bloodborne. You guys need to play it if you haven't already. It and the Souls series have huge simularities, more than most games made by the same developer. The fighting in Bloodborne is a little more quicker than Souls because of its offensive combat system. But by far, and its not even close, the best combat system I have ever seen in a game. You feel every hit you take or recieve.

When the game released last year it was so hard after that to be able to fight in other games like example The Withcher 3. Bloodborne's combat system spoils you so much that you kinda had to laugh at what CD Project Red put together for TW3. TW3 is a great game, I'm not downing it. But the combat system between the two are night and day. I really like TW3 for everything else it offers though. Great game.

Anyways, you guys are missing out on a great game and something really awesome to get into before DS3 comes out. I will warn you though,

"Bloodborne will consume your life to the point where your at your job and your still thinking about what path your taking in the game that night."

I didn't believe it until it happened to me. Best game of 2015 for me and since the PS4 arrived. I can't wait for Dark Souls 3 though. It will be the first in the series for me, but if they remastered Demon Souls and Dark Souls, I would buy them in a heartbeat. I'm holding off on Dark Souls 2:Scholar of the First Sin on PS4 just to see if they ever release a remastered versions for Demon Souls and Dark Souls. Backwards Capability is a nice feature though that they are giving on Xbox One for Dark Souls. But still nothing like a remastered version would bring to the table.

It just stinks that they are really pushing this BC for Dark Souls though. It really just points in the direction of them not remastering the game or Demon Souls for that matter because it will probably follow DS if its a pretty good hit with BC.

nix1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

This is what Bloodborne does to you. You can't stop talking about it. I've been there too.

I was like you when i first played Demon's Souls. I would constantly be thinking about what weapons to upgrade, what path to take throughout the whole day.

Thankfully, Bloodborne was the fourth game i played so i knew how to tame my excitement. Still it stopped me from buying Witcher 3 - the game i was most excited about that i even finished reading the entire book series. It's amazing btw. But sadly after i finished Bloodborne i knew i just won't be able to play other games.

I might skip DS3 though considering how much time it takes to upgrade and the constant dying. I don't hate it but i really don't have that much time nowadays. Or maybe I'm just done with Souls series.


esmittystud1011383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

I think the big reason why From Software games just click with me and everyone else mainly, it challenges us. Its an open world RPG that doesn't hold our hand. All other open world RPG games now, hold your hand. That GPS it offers you, is holding your hand. That map view it gives you is holding your hand. "You have an objective list in your game", its holding your hand. "Oh, you get to go back and change a situation because the game saves your last six save files for you at your dispossal."

I just like that the series challenges us. "I need to make it to that shortcut door". That kind of stuff. Cause lord knows all the other open world RPG's are just holding my hand.

If Bloodborne wasn't my first From Software game I would probably be a little less excited for the new installments. I'm like that with certain series as well though. Cod, being one of them now. Unless its Treyarch making the game I'm out. So I guess I got another two years inbetween games, which I'm perfectly content with. I was really into Far Cry 4 when it first came out, but when I saw Primal, yeah, it just didn't click with me.

I'm sure once I finish Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, only being the second AC game I ever played, Black Flag being the other one. I think I'm done with that series atleast. Syndicate is a good game though. Nothing wrong with it. I skipped on Unity. But I heard it ended up being a decent game once they fixed it.

Tsunade1384d ago

I don't want any spoilers. I will wait til the game is released and see it for my self.