Microsoft "Very Committed" to Xbox PC Gaming After GFWL Issues

"I understand the skepticism that people have," Phil Spencer says.

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AizenSosuke1376d ago

Phil is man if he can do it no one can.

PhoenixUp1376d ago

This all sounds great, but the fatal flaw is the Windows 10 Store, an exclusionary marketplace that actively ignores PC gamers’ needs and contradicts Spencer’s intent. Limiting access to Windows 10 games (which are already restricted by their operating system) from players goes against everything Spencer’s otherwise rousing speech about PC gaming stands for.

Microsoft can’t have it both ways. It can’t limit what players can access while simultaneously espousing a philosophy of inclusion. The intent is good, but it’s clear there isn’t a full commitment to gamers or games as Spencer says -- it’s a commitment to Microsoft platforms.

If Microsoft is truly committed to the PC gamer, and really means to have a more neutral stance about how and where its players enjoy its games, Windows 10 games cannot be exclusive to the Windows 10 store. This is a backward line of thinking that aligns with Spencer’s frustrations about software relying on hardware during console transitions. For Microsoft’s PC initiative to avoid going directly against Spencer’s commendable goals, games absolutely must exist wherever players of any stripe want to play -- or Microsoft will repeat its mistakes with Games for Windows Live.

BattleAxe1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

They want to build their ecosystem to compete against Sony, Nintendo and others, so to just open it up to every digital distributor without any attachment to Xbox Live would be stupid on their part. It's either they do it this way, or they keep the games exclusive to Xbox One.

It actually isn't any different than what Origin is doing, since you need to use Origin with all games released in the last 3 years, and with Battlefied you need to use Battlelog to play EA's games on the PC, despite the fact that you can buy their games from other online stores. Microsoft may do the same thing by releasing a game on Steam, but you would run the game through Xbox Live.

Free_Fro1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

Just like Steam improved over time will Win10Store.

The point of an "Ecosystem" is just that. Its no longer an "Ecosystem" the second you start putting your games on a rivals platforms..

It's like asking for Nintendo games on
PlayStation ^_^.


Windows 10 + Xbox, is it so hard to comprehend ?


Work hard on acquiring exclusives, then go put them on a rivals platform where you have to share profits?

darthv721376d ago

It's understandable for some to be apprehensive about a new distribution system but hey... it's also okay to be cautiously optimistic.

a unified marketplace between PC and XB1 could work out pretty well. All new things deserve a chance.

FITgamer1376d ago

Well hopefully they fix Gears of War Ultimate issues quick. Was hyped, but the game is pretty unplayable right now.

Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1376d ago

Well, I hope they do things right. After the disaster of the Xbox One launch, and how they started to "fix" things and make some things "right", it is my hope they continue to do such things in the future.

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