Xbox Exec: "I Hope Sony Has Success" With PlayStation VR

Phil Spencer wishes Sony success, but explains why a "closed ecosystem" can be problematic.

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AizenSosuke1376d ago

Thanks Phil and hope you have success with HoloLens.

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darthv721376d ago

Lets see, hololens, oculus and the rest.... yup MS has their hand in about every cookie jar. Probably even the PSVR if/when it comes to the PC.

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freshslicepizza1376d ago

it's in their interest to hope gaming evolves but they don't want to commit to that area jjst yet after getting kicked to the curb with kinect.

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GamingIVfun1376d ago

I like Phil but he is as much a corporate guy as the rest of the people involved with Xbox.

Only thing, no matter how direct the questions are to him or Greenburgh (direct questions about Xbox and Microsoft) they always have to include Nintendo or Sony somehow in their answer's, wouldn't be noticeable if it only happened occasionally, but it's every interview with these guys. It's rare for Nintendo or Sony to include the competitors in conversations about their respective consoles, which is completely normal for competing company's. Seems to me that they are trying to create this image of being the go to guys for any information on gaming and I think that is a big mistake on their part. Be the go to guys for Microsoft and Xbox, that's all any person interested in your product needs.

darthv721376d ago

well that is to be expected of these guys today. To not just focus on their own but to include competition as a way to gauge public interest.

If they didn't then the followup questions would be something like... "how do you feel about the competition and their decision to do this or that"

Not saying followup questions would not happen but by being as open as they can within the limits of information, they are wanting to present a better overall picture to which things can't be misconstrued or taken out of context (but it still happens).

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Erik73571376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

Which really hololens has more to do with PC's not gaming so I have no idea why you think a 600+ dollar device with a limited amount of gimmicky games is like morpheus is to playstation when its totally not.

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ArchangelMike1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

I understand that Microsoft are taking the approach of providing third party software support for Vive and HTC via Windows10; but Phil saying that a closed system won't lead to faster content innovation is patently not true.

First party providers have always been the ones with the content that makes the most of a closed system, not third party providers. That is not to say that third parties don't innovate - they do. But by far the norm is that it is the first party studios that provide the best content for a system.

Personally I can't wait to see what Sony first party Studios are going to do with PSVR. I'm willing to bet that it is the first party studios that will provide the best content for the platform.

darthv721376d ago

1st parties are generally the ones who push boundaries more but when it comes right down to it... 3rd parties make up the lions share of any and all platform software support.

ArchangelMike1376d ago

And I completely agree with you. But it's rarely the 3rd parties that innovate on the hardware. It usualy always the 1st party studios that push the hardware to its limits. With PSVR, I think the same will apply. It will be the 1st party studios that will really push the boundaries of the technology.

Yes there will be a ton of 3rd party support, but it's the 1st party studios you should keep your eyes on.

Erik73571376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

Dude they know that, there just finding excuses to ditch xbox

rainslacker1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

I don't think he's talking about 1st/3rd party support like that. He's saying that if you put the ability to build into the hands of more people, innovation will happen faster.

It's kind of common sense really.

However, I will agree that the 1st party is going to be the one that shows off it's full potential the soonest.

Problem I have overall with Phil's statement is that he's approaching this like PSVR is available for the PC, and Sony is somehow restricting people on PC from developing for it. That is absolutely untrue for the latter.

PSVR is a Sony platform, for Sony platforms, and as such, they will provide the tools required to any qualified dev who wishes to build games for it.

All I really see him doing here is downplaying Sony's attempt at VR in an attempt to push Windows itself, and while MS may be backing OR or Valve in their VR endevours may be a thing, MS itself currently has no stake in the VR market, so his views on "putting the tools into the hands of developers" is pointless, because MS isn't really doing that...valve and OR are, with MS just updating their DX API's to support whatever Valve and OR need to work.

My question to Phil would be...Where are your tools for VR MS? I've made plenty in the last 5 months...yet I don't recall finding any kind of integration information for DX to help support me to actually make them.

I feel if Phil wants to speak on such things, he should be speaking about VR and what MS is actually doing to support the devs in their efforts for VR, instead of just spewing some general indirect hyperbole about how the Windows platform is somehow pertinent whatsoever to current VR efforts...because MS hasn't shown any interest in furthering VR, or pushing it's adoption at all.

In a nutshell, we could say that MS is a huge supporter of PC gaming for the last 30 years, because they happen to have an OS in which the software will be consumed. We could say the same about Apple and Google, yet they provide about as much as MS has for PC gaming...which is the overall API to start building games.

Anyhow...sorry for the rather off-topic to your original post rant there. Stuff like this annoys me, and I hate that people eat it up as if MS is somehow relevant to the conversation. The day Phil can give a compliment to the competition without that huge qualifier which somehow makes it about MS, is the day I'll probably stop being annoyed.

UltraNova1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )


"Where are your tools for VR MS? I've made plenty in the last 5 months...yet I don't recall finding any kind of integration information for DX to help support me to actually make them. "

Please do me a favor and go on Tweeter if you have an account and ask him that very question after you quote him on VR's 'openness'.

If he answer's please let us know, as I'm dying to see what he has to say, even though I know he will PR-talk himself out of it in something like 'We are working on it', then ask him why would he make such a comment if his company is not even VR ready...

See if he likes that...

Anw, kudos to the guy for constantly praising the competition but he really needs to stop throwing those stealth jabs.

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bleedsoe9mm1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

as a consumer i'm taking the same approach , let them figure this stuff out a bit before i dive in .

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