10 Things That Make Mortal Kombat XL Extra Large

Mortal Kombat XL is bigger than ever before, and these are the ten reasons why.

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pompombrum1378d ago

What really makes it feel XXXXL is when compared to SF5 which released at exactly the same price. SF5 beats MK (personal opinion) in the gameplay department in a flawless victory but as a huge SF fan, I can only look on at envy with all the content Netherrealm have packed into MKX

mgszelda11378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

I'm not paying $60 again to get both combat packs for a fighting game. Why? Netherrealm.
Wait if u have the vanilla version it's $25 to upgrade. I should've waited

AnubisG1378d ago

It's just not worth it to buy games on day one anymore when you wait a few months to a year and can get the game with all DLC for the same price or less and all the bugs fixed.

Vhampir1378d ago eXtra Large failure for NRS to drop PC support.

LgbtWarrior1378d ago

a real fighting game fan doesnt play on pc dude. get real. didnt sell for crap. console gamers dont care about pc, especially fighting game fans.

Skankinruby1378d ago

I just fed into the 25 dollar original version on psn. Not sure that was a good idea now.....

Hoffmann1378d ago

Its like 10X the content of Street Fighter V. Thats not even a joke.