GamesBeat: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD erases my Wii resentment

Twilight Princess succeeds largely because of its fantastic dungeons, and the HD enhancements are enough to give fans an excuse to go riding through the plains of Hyrule once more.

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DivineAssault 1380d ago

I just want to use buttons this time instead of the wiimote.. I never tried the gamecube version.. Plus, the map on the gamepad is convenient..

blawren41380d ago

I liked the wiimote in TP, but new controls might get me and others to consider this again or for the first time for many.

BosSSyndrome1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

The gamecube controls were great imo. I definitely prefer gcn version over the wii.

Shuckylad1380d ago

My game pad is charging up, the little orange light is in full glory awaiting this one to arrive on the door mat.

DarkZane1380d ago

The gamecube version was the exact same thing, except with a different controller scheme. Same graphics, same audio, same everything else. The only difference is that they were mirror versions of each others (so if you had to go right at some place, you had to go left in the other).

blawren41380d ago

I literally went from original Zelda to TP without having played anything in between. TP was amazing. Thats what happens if you can stop comparing to past games and nostalgia. Each one re invents itself and differs from others. Enjoy them seperately and you'll always have fun playing.

If this was someones first Zelda experience, then an amazing experience they will have with this game.

1380d ago