Coming to Preview: Buy Xbox 360 Games on Xbox One, 16-Person Party Chat and More

Xbox Wire:
This month’s update is all about our continued commitment to listen to all of you and transform the Xbox experience based on your feedback. Today, we’re excited to announce a few features that you’ve been asking for which are coming to Xbox One, the Xbox app, or both. The host of updates include top-voted Xbox Feedback requests such as the ability to purchase Xbox 360 Backward Compatible games on Xbox One and improving social features like Party Chat broadcasting to Twitch. The updates will begin to rollout to the Xbox One Preview audience starting today and to Xbox app (beta) members starting tomorrow.

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FlexLuger1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

Yeah...My mob are gonna love this! This will be especially handy when playing BF. We can have three squads in the same party.

MS keep killing it with these updates. some really nice info, here.

whitesoxfalife19761381d ago

and dont forget the division too, flex .....5 squad groups plus an extra.

FlexLuger1381d ago

Coordinated attacks in the darkzone...are you thinking what Im thinking? ;)

whitesoxfalife19761381d ago

but of course..... i thought of this day one in the beta...This is like bringing clans back in a major way...

mark_parch1381d ago

nice, been waiting to buy 360 games on xbox one. I just hope they're cheap lol

Immorals1381d ago

Probably the same price as on the 360!

AizenSosuke1381d ago

16 people party chat will be awesome.

Genuine-User1381d ago

Good stuff. All improvements and additions are welcome!

whitesoxfalife19761381d ago

i like the fact they are bringing the leaderboard to the xbox xpp finally. My wife she didnt understand the whole concept behind it. When i broke it down to her, she was like well i better get my score up.

Genuine-User1381d ago

Good luck to the both of you :p

whitesoxfalife19761381d ago

@ genuine... thanks!!! whas cool and frustrating bout her gaming is i have to bring her up my level of gaming. She was there as a kid when we share gaming stories but took a vacation from gaming overall. I picks at her about being an mobile gamer but Slowly shes getting back on that console/pc ride(win10 xbox titles).

I got her own Armed Forces controller, MKX last year and a few other titles for the x1. its just about finding the right gaming taste for her...

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