[UPDATED] 'Gears of War: Ultimate Edition' On PC Is A Disaster For AMD Radeon Gamers

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on PC releases today exclusively to the Windows 10 Store. It should have been another prominent feather in Microsoft's DirectX 12 cap. Instead, it’s one of the most disastrous PC game launches in years, and many AMD Radeon owners are advised to steer completely clear during the game’s launch window.

Update 3/1/2016 8:38 am PDT: The Coalition Community Manager PezRadar has posted a forum update indicating that all AMD cards using GCN 1.1 and GCN 1.2 are suffering problems, stating that “AMD is an important partner bringing the promise of DirectX 12 to life for gamers everywhere. We are working closely with them [...]“

The developers also confirm my suspicion about Ambient Occlusion: “There are visual issues with AMD graphics cards and the Ambient Occlusion setting, it is strongly recommended to turn this setting OFF. We are readying a fix to be deployed in the coming days.”

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PhoenixUp1381d ago

This is a bad day for the Windows 10 Store

ShadowKnight1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

That sucks. And that's why I stay clear from AMD when I'm gaming on PC. Nvidia all the way.

Dabigsiebowski1380d ago

Yeah Nvidia...the most honest company in the pc realm.. None of their cards on the market even fully support dx12 yet they say they do. Good luck with your 980ti or even titan as soon as asynchronous compute comes into play. Just wait for game works to even start locking you out of features.

This is poor optimization on MS part rather than AMD's fault. I guess things like this happen when you just randomly release a game without an official date.

LightofDarkness1380d ago

By the time DX12 is the de facto standard and 90% of new releases use it (look how long DX11 adoption took), we'll have fully DX12 compatible GPUs from all vendors, likely 2 generations of them (we're look at late 2017). Don't worry too much about Nvidia customers, although I'm sure it's not worry that fuels your comments.

ABizzel11380d ago


The same problem is happening on NVIDIA's GPUs as well, NVIDIA released a patch to aid performance but it's still not right and having G-Sync on ruins the framerate even more. There's something terribly wrong with the PC version, low end GPUs (370s) which should have all but 0 fps if the high end cards are struggling, are only losing about 20% - 40% fps from the high end cards at the same settings which is insane.

ShadowKnight1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

Then the blame should be on the developer and Microsoft. But in the past I've had more problems with Radeon cards than Nvidia in my experience.

GorillaSceptre1380d ago

This game is a disaster for Nvidia too, a 970 is outperforming a 980Ti.. It's the Fury line that is hit the hardest for AMD.

Cy1380d ago

Haven't used a Radeon card since the 90's and every single one I had overheated.

2pacalypsenow1380d ago

Hopefully its not the case for QB, that would suck for Radeon users

FITgamer1380d ago

If you turn Ambient Occlusion off. It's plays better for the most part. No artifacts on screen, but still some stutters hear and there.