The Best Games And Platform Experiences Launching This Spring On Xbox And Windows 10

Majorn Nelson:
Last week on February 25th, Microsoft held a press event in San Francisco to show off the best games and platform experiences launching this spring on Xbox and Windows 10. Not only did members of the media and other invited guests get an early look at some of our upcoming titles, they also enjoyed some hands on time with the games too. I teased on Friday we would be providing coverage of the event, and here it is – a special edition of This Week On Xbox with all of the highlights from our spring showcase event.

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NatureOfLogic_1378d ago ShowReplies(2)
343_Guilty_Spark1378d ago

Ready for the cross buy goodness!!!

Forum_Pirate1377d ago

Why? If you have the PC version, WTF is the point in the Xbone version?

Goldby1377d ago

to be able to play those games on the pc while someone is using the TV. after 3.5 update for ps4, they can do the same in a way through remote play on pc/mac. its streaming over having the game installed on a windows 10 pc

dirkdady1377d ago

Seems like it's counter intuitive - I agree no point in cross buy across pc and Xbox. Now if they do cross buy across mobile and Xbox makes more sense.

Forum_Pirate1377d ago

Way to not answer the question. You have to have a PC and the PC version is almost invariably the better version. Why would you play it on the Xbone or care about a copy of it on the Xbone if you already have the version that looks and runs better?

babadivad1377d ago

Well I know on games like Borderlands 2 there were tools on PC where you could create and modify guns. I got the game on steam for like $10 when it was deeply discounted. Since it is usually more convenient to play on a console *because of local co-op* I imported my saves *and my brother's* and loaded up with custom guns and put my save back on Xbox. There are tons of possibilities people probably haven't even thought of. This is an awesome feature I am really looking forward to.

barb_wire1378d ago

Gears of War Ultimate Edition for PC (windows 10) is up on the Windows store.

FITgamer1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Awesome thanks for heads up.

Oh wow it's only $29.99.

ShadowKnight1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

I build my PC at the right time. This is great news. 4K gaming with all these games this is like dream come true. Can't wait for Division and Quantum Break.

1378d ago
Goldby1377d ago


i can see the benifits of swappable parts, but when that starts to happen, the issues that come from PC's not having proper optimization may follow, obviously it'll be xbox brand parts to swap out so there wont be much, but if it goes down that route there may be games only available to the "upgraded" xbox which may piss of some gamers who use the consoles as a go to for x number of years without upgrades, thus splitting the customers.

and if that were to happen, lets hope not as it wouldn't be good for the industry if some gamers feel that an xbox console is no different than pc (it'll happen as some gamers/parents of gamers thought wii u was an accessory to wii) it may push some people to PS$ as shuhei has stated no upgraded version of ps4 in the future.

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The story is too old to be commented.