The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD review | Polygon

Twilight Princess HD presents the original with exacting clarity.

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FunkyGoron1384d ago

Wow, pretty good score from them on this game. From what I've been hearing I've expected 7-9's and assumed Polygon would be on the lower end.

Seems like less of an update relative to WWHD.

Twilight Princess is one of my personal favorite Zelda's. OoT is my favorite and these are very similar. Game had some of the best dungeons of all the Zelda games. Only one that I hate is the Forest Temple.

DivineAssault 1384d ago

The forest temple was my favorite in OoT.. I hated that sky dungeon in twilight with the two hookshots.. That took me hours to fully explore..

FunkyGoron1384d ago

**I was meaning the Forest Temple in Twilight Princess**

And I think TP had some of the best dungeons of Zelda games.

higgins781384d ago

My 2nd least favourite Zelda game - Zelda II (perhaps predictably) takes 1st place. I say 'least favourite' because each Zelda plays a solid game, no bad ones (thus far) in the canon...

I found TP to be the first Zelda ever to be treading water. I feel where as Nintendo nearly always gives us the games we want as opposed to the games we (not me) feel we need, TP was an attempt to appease the self-proclaimed 'hardcore' and all the worse for it. Still a very solid and at times excellent game, just sandwiched in-between Wind Waker and Skyward Sword it feels very, very safe and plodding.

Lighter91384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Actually, they showed a trailer for a realistic looking(ish) Zelda game at an E3 before WW was even a thought. Then, when they finally released a new Zelda trailer, everyone who was hoping for a realistic Zelda, got a cel-shaded cartoony trailer which was for WW instead of realistic Zelda. Thus, everyone was disappointed...

That is why we eventually got TP. The old trailer used to be somewhere on IGN.

DivineAssault 1384d ago

I liked Zelda 2 and this one.. Well, all of them except the 4 swords and tri force ones.. Everyone has their preferences i guess.. I do understand where your coming from though. Zelda 2 was during a time where nintendo didnt know where to take the IP and tried a new RPG approach.. This is to me was best as Link... I dont care for the wolf segments which is 1/3 of the game

Germany71384d ago

An 8 for this classic? Yeah, right.

higgins781384d ago

A classic? No. A solid action/adventure game? Yes. Hurts me to say it as I'm as big a Nintendo/Zelda fan as they come, but this is easily one of the weakest Zelda's in the canon, both home console and handheld.

Germany71384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Wanna fight bro?? Come at me bro. /s

Anyway, i prefer Twilight Princess than Skyward Sword, for example, not saying that Skyward was bad, far from that, but i liked more the world on Twilight Princess, Midna is a great character too, i also liked Wolf Link. Few examples.

FunkyGoron1384d ago


top 5 IMO

WW is great and I am in the middle of my first Minish Cap run, game is amazing so far.

I feel like Zelda games aren't remembered properly. People all over the internet (game journalists/personalities) people "loved WW". WW was received so intensely when it initially came out, "Celda"...

TP had one of the most O SHIT moments at an E3 in history, hands down. People were crying for God's sake. Now it seems... no one apparently really liked TP. I attribute this to the fact that it was a GC game and most played it on the Wii with shotty graphics and controls.

TP is amazing.

DivineAssault 1384d ago

I dont like polygon but even they acknowledge a good game.. This is one of my top 3 zelda titles ever.. Yes its just a better looking version than OoT but thats what i was waiting for and when i got it, i loved it..

WW was ahead of its time and i liked that game too but this is what i wanted from a zelda game graphically.. Cant wait til Friday!