Insurgency Dev:Games Are Shitty When It Comes To Story & We Want To Fix That;Story To Last 3-5 Hours

Insurgency's Creative Director Andrew Spearin heavily criticized storytelling in triple A shooters, vowing to fix that in Sandstorm.

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ccgr1379d ago

Good stories are my favorite part, hope they succeed!

DarkOcelet1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

3 to 5 hours is a bit short but its better than nothing. Hopefully its a good 5 hours.

Alexious1379d ago

Quality is more important than quantity at any rate.

DarkOcelet1379d ago

1000% agreed on that one.

Hopefully the game has a great story and makes us feel like $hit like Spec Ops The Line :D

Aurenar1379d ago

I prefer a short and intense history. I do not like too long a story which could be boring or predictable.