PlayStation Country - Earth Defense Force 4.1 - PS4 Review

PlayStation Country take a look at EDF 4.1, the biggest and baddest shooter on the system. This is an interim review that will be updated over the hundreds of hours it takes to really get into the game.

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theXtReMe11384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

I wholeheartedly agree with this review. This is a game that is classic in execution. It's very reminiscent of top down 2D shooters of the 80s, but in 3D. Just fire at everything that moves and hope you don't die in the process. Which, as the game progresses, is easier said than done. Making it pertinent that you pick the right weapon for the level you are on... or you will die a lot. In the meantime, they drop weapon upgrades and upgrades to your health. There are a ton of levels, which makes the game last for well over 20+ hours, but more than likely you will be playing it for 40+. The graphics are reminiscent of a mid generation PS3 game, but the game makes up for it in number and size of enemies on the screen and total destruction. It's not a bad looking game, it is actually very crisp with little to no aliasing. But, the texturing and models arent reminiscent of what you would expect from a proper PS4 game.

What this game has that many others don't, its just hours of mindless fun. Especially when you add friends in 4 player co-op, either couch or online. When you add in that you can find this game for under $20, you get a lot of value for your money if you just want to have some great evenings gaming, alone or with your friends.

If you love classic arcade-like games, you are going to love this game. If you go in expecting something more than what it is, you probably won't.

TomatoDragon1384d ago

I've been playing a ton of this game. It' so much fun. EDF!

brianunfried1384d ago

Greatest couch co-op game ever!