Acer Announces Their $1,299 32 Inch 4K Predator Gaming Monitor

Acer has announced a new 32 inch, 4K gaming monitor. The sleek look and function of the monitor is sure to appeal to fans but the $1,299 price may be a big obstacle for gamers.

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Rivitur1384d ago

Now that's a monitor! Drop it below 1000 and we'll talk but it has everything you could want in a monito tho.

iNcRiMiNaTi1384d ago

Even then I probably wouldn't buy it. I'm still waiting on a 4k monitor that can do at least 120hz if not 144hz and have 1ms response time.

Rivitur1384d ago

Well yeah actually. We should get one later this year and 240 by end of next year at this rate.

livininsin1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

It's a nice monitor no doubt but for that kind of money I think I'd rather have the Acer Predator X34, a 34" curved ultrawide monitor featuring and ips panel, 100hz adaptive refresh(gsync) and a 3440x1440 resolution (which is actually about 60% fewer pixels than UHD so you may actually hit that 100hz for some games). Or maybe wait for an ultrawide ips monitor to hit 120hz or even 144hz which will probably happen by the fall.

iNcRiMiNaTi1384d ago

Yeah I was hoping for something with the Asus swift specs (144hz, 1ms, gsync) but the 4k version coming out later this year is supposedly only 60hz so I'm guessing it's something that can't be done yet. I'm planning on getting w/e high end pascal card is coming out this year so I really wanna see if it can push 4k over 60fps but we don't have any monitors for it yet.

masterfox1384d ago

hmm 4k in a 32" monitor ?, didn't they say not even 1080p in a 32" screen was possible to appreciate cause of the screen size? guess I will have to get those 4k smartphones now too, lol.

badz1491384d ago

Monitors are overpriced! This is too. There are 40+" and even 55" 4k UHDTV out there that are cheaper than this! Between this and a cheaper Sony 55" 4k TV, only an idiot would choose the former!

Recently I was building a PC for work and gaming and when it comes to choosing a monitor, I was torn up between the $850 32" 1440p Asus, $500 27" 4k Samsung and a $340 40" 1080p Sony Bravia. I opted for both price and size and went with Sony and felt glad that I did! Sure my R9 390 might be able to handle 1440p or to some extend 4k games, the sheer scale of 40" TV is just too good to pass up over higher res but smaller screens!

Xb1ps41384d ago

I'm building my pc. Still very early though the video card was not cheap.. I can't see my self spending that much for a monitor and finally came to the decision that I will be hooking it up to a 70" Samsung 4k tv.. the hz and lag might not be as good but I'm sure I will be just fine..

I think 4k monitors took too long for the new pc builders like our selves

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ProLogY1384d ago

You could buy a 50 inch 4K TV for the same price. Crazy!

badz1491383d ago

A couple hundreds cheaper even. Visio or Hisense have models at $800 price mark for their 50~55"

AizenSosuke1384d ago

Nice monitor, but waiting till it's 1000!

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