Latest Just Cause 3 deals for XO, PS4 and PC

GMD: Xbox One owners are getting the best console deal today at an all-time low £24.95. Today’s best PS4 price is £31.95, but we’ve seen it for around £28 recently, so something better will come around soon I imagine. PC gamers can get a great deal at £18.90/$26.32.

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esmittystud1011383d ago

Great game just for wanting to blow stuff up and go about your business without a care in the world on the map. The map itself is actually pretty good as well. Loads of different and viabrant colors that smack you right in the face. Good game, and especailly at the price the game is at now, good deal as well.

MK24ever1383d ago

This game is still a worst game than it's predecessor, Just Cause 2 was simply more fun and more polished. I bought JC3 at launch with high hopes but the terrible optimization of the game, the driving physics and loading times killed all my joy, I hopped for more patches to fix these issues but the dev isn't bothering in improving their game, so I won't support their games in the future either.