Far Cry: Primal £36.95 on PS4 or £23/$32 on PC

GMD: GC have made a break for it. With most other retailers still clinging onto a £40 price tag, it’s great to see someone smash a few quid, rather than a few pence, from the price to bring us the cheapest PS4 deal since Far Cry: Primal released last week. PC gamers can get another great deal at CD Keys for just £22.79/$31.73.

Stay tuned for GMD's full Far Cry: Primal review. It’s one of the best games I’ve played this year and a great alternative to the regular Far Cry series with a fantastic Stone Age setting. Plus you can tame a Saber Toothed Cat and set it on people, or just ride the beast into battle like your very own Warg.

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