PSP 3000 also comes in silver

PSP 3000, the new SKU that sports a fancier, clearer screen and an in-built microphone, will also be available in "Mystic Silver" Sony has revealed.

The new PSP goes on sale across Europe on October 15th, and you can check out the first pics of it through the link.

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TOSgamer5275d ago (Edited 5275d ago )

The only thing wrong with it is the slow refresh rate that causes all that ghosting especially with dark colors like black. If they fix that I might just pick this up. Although it sucks that Sony is releasing another model only 1 year after the last...

Anyone want to tell me why they disagree? Just curious. haha I have seen over a dozen PSP Fat and Slim screens and they all smear blacks like crazy.

Millah5275d ago

Same here, if they fix the refresh rate and get rid of the ghosting I will probably buy one.

trancefreak5274d ago

you have a video link of the screen ghosting im just curious to what you are stating.

silverchode5275d ago

i might finally pick one up.

dragunrising5275d ago

about battery life and ram specs. I have the PSP 2000 (silver)and would get a 3000 if that meant it was sufficiently upgraded (outside of built in mic and Home button). Otherwise I'd get one...

Homicide5275d ago

I heard it has a better LCD screen for outside use. That's the one thing that annoyed me with my PSP slim. Guess I'm buying one. Both the black one and silver look awesome.

SpecialSauce5275d ago

i'll put it in a translator. but god damn i just got the psp slim like 5 months ago.

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The story is too old to be commented.