Classic gaming struggles kids today will never experience

Mrs Nesbitt from GamersFTW writes: "In twenty years’ time, I am positive there will be articles that will discuss the same topic. Gamer children in 2040 may not even be using controllers, perhaps everything will be an immersive VR experience, and maybe VR will be 'old' then. Only time will tell.

When we look back to the 1990s and earlier, the gamer children of today will never understand the struggles that we more “experienced” gamers had to put up with in our early gaming careers."

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Maple221972d ago

Urgh this makes me feel old thinking about how much the technology has changed that some people will never have had to deal with memory cards on a regular basis. I lost one once... devastated!

c00lvilKid691972d ago

The fact that kids these days have YouTube walkthroughs, lets play videos, and a whole bunch of forums etc. makes the games they play far less mysterious in my opinion. I remember when tips and tricks were passed on from buddy to buddy, back in the street, where real gamers played. Kids these days with their gaming chairs will never understand what it was like to sit on your parent's garden wall and trade Pokemon etc. They've got it easy!

Pastorfuzz1972d ago

Yeah, I have a big stack of the Tips and Tricks mags still in my closet.

Relientk771972d ago

Blowing into cartridges to make them work

NarooN1972d ago

I still have tons of Tips & Tricks books in my closet lol. They're pretty worthless given the prevalence of the internet, but I guess I keep them for sentimental value...

Man, gaming was so much more mysterious back in the day. Urban legends/myths would get created and people would spend days, sometimes weeks or even months trying to "trigger them" or whatever only to find out it was total BS or just give up lol. Nowadays shit gets debunked almost instantly.

I also miss getting actual physical demo discs back in the day. Especially the PlayStation Underground stuff from the late 90's. Memory cards! ARGGHH. Losing one or somehow having your data get corrupted. I remember a demo disc that Sony sent out for the holiday 2004 period had a certain demo to where if you booted up said demo, it totally wiped your whole memory card(s) if you had any plugged in! Was so bad, Sony was offering free PS2 games if you could verify you were affected by the problem lol.

Joystickero1972d ago

Oh the memories! So glad we left these behind