XCOM 2: A guide to defeating every type of alien in the game

As a long-time veteran of the series, I was delighted to see that Firaxis opted to make XCOM 2 even harder than its predecessor, despite the fact that Enemy Unknown was a pretty difficult game in its own right. Not only are we constantly in a battle against time here, but some of the new aliens are also considerably tougher to take down and even the old ones have a few new tricks up their proverbial sleeves. The game is designed is such a way that you get to learn about your enemies only after you take one of them down and bring it back to the lab for analysis. Although this makes perfect sense in the context of XCOM 2, it doesn’t really help you that much if you want to know all there is to know about the aliens beforehand. Thus, I took what I learned from playing over 100 hours of XCOM 2 and created a short guide aimed at helping rookies who might be a bit overwhelmed by the game’s difficulty and veterans doing an Ironman playthrough.

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