Tom Clancy's The Division: All Weapons Revealed So Far, New Weapons and Full List

Tom Clancy's The Division ALL WEAPONS REVEALED SO FAR! HUGE LIST! and New Weapons (With some Division Gameplay on PS4 Xbox One and PC)

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Elwenil1375d ago

Show me a weapon list, not a tedious video of a list.

DarkOcelet1375d ago

You can find the list on another article here at N4G.

At least appreciate what he is doing here, it takes hard work to make that video.

Elwenil1375d ago

While I think the video was well done, I can't help but be frustrated at wanting a list as advertised and not a 7 minute video with random pics taken off the Internet and not of the actual The Division weapons. And while I am a military buff and understand the use of the actual weapons names, I think probably a lot of players will want to relate them to the game more with the names the game uses. Still, making a video for a "list" is still about as annoying for the audience as sites that do "top 10" lists with each one on a different page full of ads. Regardless of how well the video was done, the production value, the work put into it, if it doesn't draw the audience in and satisfy them, it's a bit pointless in my opinion.

1375d ago
zerocarnage1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

If it's the same list as the previous list it's all the guns found in the beta. The full list won't be revealed till launch unless Ubisoft or other devs give someone that info..

After watching it, it certainly looks like the beta weapons. I don't know why people are doing this, it's confusing people and people think that's all that's in the game..