GameHounds Episode 29: F*ck Off, Bobby

This week, Cooper Hawkes was out this week due to a pinched nerve, so instead, GamerEdie Sellers hosted this episode of GameHounds with a special guest, Bobby Blackwolf of the Bobby Blackwolf Show.

In addition, due to a curious set of conditions that will most likely not repeat, they were able to live cast this episode on AllGames Radio. So, mentions of chat rooms and live chat comes from that.

Edie and Bobby, when not hurling insults at each other, discussed first-hand impressions of offerings at EA's Studio Showcase, Warner Bros' complaints that music-game developers aren't paying enough for music licenses, Europe getting the 60GB Xbox, and Fable 2 Pub Games' exploit. They also check out listeners' voicemail about the dreaded Red Ring of Death, and kick off a contest to win a Pub Games code.

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