Phil Spencer Comments On Conker Franchise and HoloLens Demo, Expects Windows 10 Games On Xbox One

Xbox's Head of Department, Phil Spencer has commented on the recently revealed Hololens demo of Young Conker and what it means for the future of the franchise on Xbox One. He also stated that he expects Windows 10 games to start coming to Xbox One after the major update last year.

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christocolus1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

Of course this will go both can be easily ported across both platforms due to Windows 10 and dx12. Turn 10 and Idarb devs have already confirmed this took turn 10 just mere weeks to get FM5 on windows 10 and the idarb devs ported it in just days. Can't wait to see what MS announces at E3 and I'm so relieved to know that young conker is just a hololens demo. Would love the original xbox version to be added to BC though.

_-EDMIX-_1380d ago

That's actually not that much faster some developers got their games ported on Vita in literally 2 weeks great port teams could get games up and running literally in days read articles on the teams that port games and you'll find that that's actually more common than you think unless they got it up and running in hours I'm not sure it's a huge feat.

Transferring titles most times is a very fast process in comparison to creating a game from the ground up.

christocolus1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

I'm not talking about just small indie games here. I'm talking AAA console games bieng ported to PC and vice versa. It only took 4 guys at Turn10 to port FM5 and i find that very impressive and in relation to Xbox and windows 10 AAA game ports I think this will be a huge advantage and will benefit both platforms. It is basically what Phil is talking about too.

MachuchalBrotha3161380d ago

Vita game? It took Turn10 one month to port FM5 to PC using four workers.

_-EDMIX-_1380d ago

ok.....most port teams are around that. Aspyer only has about 10 developers and they port AAA games.

Again....I don't actually think you get just how fast ports are actually made. Its actually not that much of a "huge advantage" as you might think bud.

Its an advantage sure, but not an extremely huge one as ports ordinarily don't actually take that long in the first place.

"I guess first I’d like to point out that we’ve actually been shipping things much more quickly than in previous years. Civilization V was within 2 months, Borderlands 2 was within 2 months, Duke Nukem Forever was within weeks, Rage within 2 months, and we released the Civilization V: Gods and Kings expansion day-and-date worldwide on both Steam and the Mac App Store"

That was 3 years ago too..

So please read it or about any other port team as what your reading about this port isn't actually that much different then how the process is normally done.

Took them a mouth? Some teams have taken weeks bud. I don't think you again understand how fast ports can be produced by teams that specialize in it.

donthate1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )


To be fair, Aspyr has 40 employees. Of them they have 10 engineers and most are testers. So if a game takes 2 months with 10-engineers (ignoring testers), that is equivalent to the work of the Forza team of 4 people working 5 months as opposed to their 1 month.

Thus porting in one month with only 4-engineers (again ignoring testers) is a 5th. Of course, now we are ignoring the complexity of the game code, differences between platforms and so on.

_-EDMIX-_1379d ago

@donthate- Then its comparable. Thats all that is being stated.

I also know how many people work for that team ie why I actually posted that link in the first place.

donthate1379d ago


Ignoring all the variables, if one process takes 5 months wroth of manpower and another takes a month, I would say that is a huge advantage.

Of course unless they aren't comparable which we know it isn't really.

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_-EDMIX-_1380d ago

Good to hear that reiterating their support for both platforms. This is what Microsoft should have been doing for years.

For a long time they should not have been treating the Windows OS as an adversary to the Xbox.
they own both, they can make money on both, they need to support both.

Tobsesan1380d ago

Wow so many AAA games in the Windows 10 store, said noone ever. You can keep your Android ports...

1380d ago
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