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An objective look at the early access of Skara - The Blade Remains along with some personal thoughts. Jordan says "Arena brawlers have been fun for me throughout the years, highly dependent on the types of characters and classes that you can play as. I’ve always been a supportive player so when a game only has different looking damage dealers, I don’t even want to bother with them. Skara somewhat has supportive classes, but everyone is still focused on being able to deal damage. There is also barely anyone ever playing the game, so I was only able to experience playing against the AI. It’s hard to say much about a game when it still requires a ton of development, but the payment model should definitely be different at this stage. It would make sense for a game in early access to charge for cosmetics, especially a free to play one, but when a game is in such an early state you should never charge for the ability to unlock stuff faster. Ignoring the whole morality of charging people money and figuring out whether or not it is pay to win, along with the fact that you can’t spend the exact amount to unlock something, makes it a whole lot harder for the community to test every aspect of your game to let you know what needs fixes."

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