Face-Off: Heavy Rain on PS4

Digital Foundry:
While playing through the PS4 version of Heavy Rain, we ran into a surprising number of show-stopping bugs and glitches. On first boot, we were presented with an uncomfortable strobing image effect. We squinted our eyes and attempted to push on only to be greeted with an introduction sequence where animations played back at, perhaps, five per cent of the intended speed. Blowing leaves visible just outside the window were updating at 30fps, but Ethan's animations juddered along in slow motion while text continued to flicker. A full reboot of the PS4 was necessary to overcome this. After discussing the game with someone else covering it, it became clear that we weren't the only ones to encounter this issue at startup.

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Darkwatchman1378d ago

Huge improvement. Yessss.

Darkwatchman1378d ago

Disagrees? Did any of you bother to look at the article and view the screenshots? Huge visual improvement. Way bigger improvement than the beyond: two souls remaster. A bunch of blind fools

D3TH_D33LR1378d ago

Relax. You got two.

Lmfao people get so bent over a disagree. #inb4disagreeslol

marioJP871378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

+Slightly improved textures with added full 1080P support.
-Removal of motion blur. (2:25 of video)
-Screen tearing is still present (3:14 of video)
-Some scenes play smoother on PS3 than PS4 :-O (3:21 of video)
-There are weird bugs. (3:41 of video)
-No 60 FPS..

No, thank you! I will NOT be buying this crap.

g-nome1378d ago

It's a 'cinematic' game , hardly in need of 60fps.

D3TH_D33LR1378d ago

Well it's an opinion we can all ignore considering movies are about 24-30 fps. It's a cinematic game. Not a first person shooter. People complain about anything...

marioJP871378d ago

An opinion you all can ignore, yet you comment against that very opinion. The logic...