Forza Motorsport 6: Apex coming to PC for free this Spring?

It appears the Seattle Times has leaked Forza Motorsport 6: Apex, due out on Windows 10 this spring.

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DarkOcelet1374d ago

Forza Motorsport 6: Apex is said to be a free-to-play, “slimmed down version of its Xbox cousin” and “will be released free to users of Windows 10 this spring.”

Why not just release the whole thing?

ifinitygamer1374d ago

Enticement to get the full version? Or perhaps to pay for cars and other add-on content?

MrSec841374d ago

MS may as well just go all in on putting their XBox One exclusives and any past XBox exclusives on Windows.

They should just treat XBox consoles as a device to access Windows games for people that aren't aware or interested in PC gaming.

Going the "service" route for Forza makes sense, because it can allow Microsoft to make more money off of chunks of the game, rather than just bundling everything together.

ABizzel11374d ago


I agree, it's just fanboys who need a reason to troll and argue online, who are against it.

RiseofScorpio1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Or people who want the console to keep its identity and exclusive content.

t-hall7851374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

All the same ecosystem who cares @waluigi. Microsoft has money to make. Imagine if Phil was at a board meeting and he asks the CEO, "well if all the games on xbox go to pc, then how will the fanboys on N4G react???"
I'd bet he'd be diggin in the classifieds a week later. Business is business. Games are games.

darthv721374d ago

I still feel it is possible for future XB1/PC games to release using one disc (if physical release) and it be able to insert in a console to play as well as a PC to play.

One disc format to cover both platforms.

frostypants1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

@MrSec84: "They should just treat XBox consoles as a device to access Windows games for people that aren't aware or interested in PC gaming. "

Poorly optimized low-end PC experience for everybody!!!

High end PC gaming > Console gaming > low-end PC gaming

XanderZane1373d ago

Waiting patiently for Trackmania 2 to come to XBox One. Better yet a Win10/DX12 Trackmania 3 would be a better choice with a simultaneous PC/XB1 release.

That's actually a good idea. Eventually every PC game and XB1 1st party game would work on both platforms. PC gamers probably wouldn't like it because I'm sure the price would be $60 still. Developers might not like it either because they can't sell the game twice.

GameNameFame1373d ago

If the rumours that all future Forza will be on PC is true,

then another exclusive and reason to own Xbox bites the dust.

choujij1373d ago


Personally, I was only interested in TR and QB. But as I said before, I learned my lesson from last gen. Sticking with PC/PS4/Wii-U this gen.

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Overload1374d ago

Probably something to due with Microtransactions. I bet Halo 5 will be F2P too, selling REQ packs.

Black0ut1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Halo 5 free to play? What are you smoking mate? Obviously you've never tried the REQ system or else you'd know how well balanced and implemented it is.

Not sure how halo has anything to do with Forza 6: Apex anyway.

Overload1374d ago

I meant Warzone from Halo 5.

Overload1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Here is the webcache of the Seattle Times article.


ninsigma1374d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

The article you linked isn't available anymore.
So they're really going down the route of multiplatform for everything??

DC, well it doesn't have exclusives. I mean most have been arguing this whole gen about exclusives and up till now sf5 wasn't exclusive because it was also on pc, same with titanfall and ryse. So I don't get why now games are still exclusive even though ALL of them are moving to pc also.

"PC has far more exclusives than Xbox and PS4. Once PC games get a lot of the former PC exclusives Xbox will have a lot more console exclusives than PS4."

This is something I've been thinking about. Yes there is potential for pc only games to move to xb as well moving forward BUT it seems that this whole if you dev for one you dev for both thing is only based on if you dev your game around Microsofts UWP stuff. Those aren't playable on steam which is the primary go to place for pc gamers. A pc dev is not going to forsake steam and put their game on windows store only. They could do two version, one for steam and one for Windows store but that would be doing twice in which case why wouldn't they have just done a console version as well?? It'll be interesting to see how many pc games do move to xb after this.

dcbronco1374d ago

Ninsigma that was the plan all along. They just need to ease people in because of stupid people on the internet that turn it into "Xbox doesn't have any exclusives". PC and consoles are two very different demographics. There is crossover, but millions are one or the other. You don't build an OS that works on both to keep developers separate. The point of the OS is to increase the developers potential customers with less work. Xbox will benefit also. PC has far more exclusives than Xbox and PS4. Once PC games get a lot of the former PC exclusives Xbox will have a lot more console exclusives than PS4.

kraenk121374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )


No, they are just back to their old ways...deceiving their loyal customers.

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ThePresentIsAgift1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Good I would like to see full access though if you already spent substantial amounts on a special addition of Forza 6 on the Xbox One with additional content as I did.

kraenk121374d ago

And just when I thought MS had it this time they start the next attempt to ruin their reputation...again°!

rainslacker1373d ago

Look at how DC was released...or supposed to release. same principal here really. Get people hooked on a decent portion of the game, even if limited, and they are likely to desire more content and go with the bigger version. Kind of a F2P model with expansion packs instead of multitudes of MT.

Plus if it's free, people are more apt to try out the Windows Store if they currently have Win10...which apparently hasn't been that utilized so far by those who have upgraded. I mean, even signing up for an XBL account is free.

MS is enticing customers to come into the store. It's simply a loss leader scenario in a way.

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Overload1374d ago

I submitted the Seattle Times article.

It also said every Xbox One game would be coming to Windows 10 in some form or another, probably meaning some will be F2P like Forza 6 is and some won't.

The Xbox One officially has no exclusives, in my opinion that's a risky strategy if they plan on continuing Xbox hardware.

Only time will tell.

Overload1374d ago

This is the exact quote from the article.

"Notably, all the titles Microsoft featured will have variants available on the PC."

Eonjay1374d ago

Obviously they will continue to support the Xbox. It will be interesting to see the reactions. Tomorrow will be a very interesting day.

Bigpappy1374d ago

Reaction from whom? As an Xbox owner, this does not affect me in anyway. I don't buy games because they are exclusive to Xbox. I play game that interest me and that are on Xbox. The reaction may come more from the PC crowd who may want access to Xbox exclusives. I predict very few Xbox fans will have a problem with exclusivesome releasing mostly later on PC. The big winners here are the developer and M$. Then followed by PC gamers who wanted access to these games on PC. Xbox gamers loose nothing and can now also play the games on PC if they have a gaming rig.

For me: this changes nothing as I don't game on PC. It never was about how many exclusivestudents I get to buy on Xbox, but the enjoyment I get from gaming on the system.

Eonjay1374d ago


I'm sure as a console gamer it doesn't matter to you in absolute terms. It is still interesting none the less as this represents a huge change for Microsoft. People will have reactions to this change of pace and their opinions will be interesting to read.

Ricegum1374d ago


Well I'm certainly a winner since I have a PC and a PS4, so now I don't have to fork out any money for an Xbox One to play it's exclusives.

This certainly isn't good news at all for the Xbox brand if true.

_-EDMIX-_1374d ago

Eon- you're absolutely right the console install base is not going to get affected that much by this if someone wasn't going to buy the PC prior to this I don't see them jumping to do it now I don't believe Microsoft is that good of a publisher to be honest with you and I believe better companies clearly make games on PC but that hasn't stopped millions upon millions of console gamers from continuing to game on dedicated consoles.

And before anyone jumps to crying about the lost sales due to exclusives consider multi platform games sell better on consoles most times and they still appear on PC if such a thing was true how come those games are not doing huge numbers on PC? People really need to look at the numbers to show that most are not even buying consoles for exclusives in the first place because the exclusives do not have the sales to back up the theory.

Microsoft will be fine. People need a factor that we have probably close to 20 million gamers that purchased consoles just to play Call of Duty so really really think about how this is really affecting the majority of the console install base if most are still buying consoles to play games they can already play on PC.

Utalkin2me1374d ago


Might not affect the console base as you say. But it will have affects on the Xbox brand itself moving forward. As MS as a whole i think its a great move. But for the Xbox brand i dont think its a good move.

I know a few PC gamers that was waiting till QB ad Gears to buy a Xbox1. They are jumping for joy now they do not have to purchase a Xbox1 and a live subscription.

Volkama1374d ago

@Unreal01 so previously you wouldn't buy any xbox games. Now you will buy Xbox games. Are you sure that's bad for Xbox?

Ricegum1374d ago


It's about losing potential customers. I was seriously considering picking up an Xbox One when Quantum Break releases, having that now on PC is great news, and Microsoft lost themselves a sale. I have played Dead Rising, and Ryse and Titanfall, and I got Rise of the Tomb Raider free with my new graphics card. Having Forza on PC is very welcome.

Azzanation1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Companies aren't about the ifs and maybes. They arent going to hold there breath for those gamers claiming they will eventually buy an XB1 or not.

MS and Xbox make more money on software sales not hardware sales. So thanks for supporting Windows 10 and Xbox games. The only losers are those thinking there smarter then the multi billion dollar corps.

It works like this. You support Win 10 gaming, and MS invest more into Xbox. I own a PC and XB1, my PS4 barely gets used because most of the games I want to play on PS4 are out or coming out on PC like FF7 and most of the PS4 exclusives aren't great. Knack, Driveclub, Killzone, The Order aren't exactly amazing games basing off reviews. Where as Halo 5, Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive and Rare's Replays is worth a XB1 alone. PS4 has 2 good games, TLOU-RM and Bloodborne, that's it and one of those games I already own on PS3.

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Hunkaloverbear1374d ago

Xbox has more AAA console exclusives then any other console and your damage control isn't changing a console vs console war to a console vs pc war lol

killer_goat1374d ago

You are wrong. Again. Unlike you who spreads lies and misinformation here's proof that ps4 has more AAA exclusives. As well as highest rated.

Hunkaloverbear1374d ago

Actually if you take out Bloodborne the average rating for AAA Ps4 games is 72. They DONT have higher rated AAA games and they may have more but literally most of them are.. Well, Godzilla is on that list, thanks for proving my point.

madmonkey011374d ago

no it doesnt, it has what 5 maybe?

nowitzki20041374d ago

I really hope you dont believe everything you say/think lol.

Utalkin2me1374d ago


Well, you got burned and admitted to it. Then you turn around and say well if this wasn't on the list then the average wouldnt be so high. Well you know what, it is on the list and his comment still stands as true. Unlike anything you say.

FlipSwitch1374d ago

Spreading more lies again. You are a serious dedicated troll.

And why should we take out blooborne? Blood borne exists. No point playing games to fit your argument Why don't we take out all Xbone games and pretend it doesn't have any while we are at it? /s

I swear Xbox fanboys are seriously delusional

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Booyaka6191374d ago ShowReplies(4)
Germany71374d ago

You are right, exclusives are important for the success of a device.

Lamboomington1374d ago

For the vast majority of console players, XBONE exclusives are still exclusives.

PC is a different market.

NotanotherReboot1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Not really. PS4 was a success based on hype and third party.

TwoForce1374d ago

@Frinker Nope. PS4 was successful because it completely a console game, better hardware, more variety to gamer from small to big. So you're wrong.

_-EDMIX-_1374d ago

I think it's a smart strategy their goal is to make money and by having a larger install base to make money and they will be fine if you don't buy an xbox one to play those games clearly you're just going to get them on PC in which you're still paying Microsoft so at the end of the day they're actually still making money and they have more people to make money from.

I don't see this as being risky because I do not believe most are buying consoles solely to play those games as to why those games not selling ridiculous millions in comparison the third party games.

A lost Xbox one sale because of this is still a gained windows 10 OS and game sale. So in what respect would it actually be risky? They are merely getting paid the same money in a different pocket I see no reason for them to cannibalized one spectrum just to push another one when they merely could just equally support both and get money on both fronts I'm sorry but as a businessman I can't understand why someone would a limit where they make money just to try to push something else as they could just support both.

Unless someone could explain why the game would sell more units if it was on one platform vs 2, I actually do not believe this is a real issue and I've yet to hear anyone on the site really logically explain how it could hurt this company.

I mean are you guys really trying to say that millions we're going to purchase this game because it was only an Xbox one but decided not to because it could be played elsewhere? As if the greatest value and appeal of this game was that it was only on one? Seriously?

I honestly don't believe that and I have yet to see any evidence to really suggest that the game will lose sales due to this move as if it was going to do 20 million units on Xbox one and now is only going to do 10 million across both because a bunch of fans decided to not buy it because they only wanted it because it was only on one platform I just honest to god do not believe that.

This site and many sites by the way happened to love exaggerating and blowing out of proportion situations like this to such extremes its not even funny, it literally defies common logic.

343_Guilty_Spark1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Why are you so worried about plastic boxes? As far as I know, NO Microsoft exclusive aside from Minecraft are available to the 40 million people who decided to buy a $400 and less PS4 .

Now you guys can keep trolling every article with "Death of Xbox", "Xbox Done" "Why Buy an Xbox" "Xbox has no exclusives" etc etc when you know damn well that:

1) People buy consoles because they are a cheap entry into next gen gaming (hint: it's a big reason why people bought PS4s).

2) Xbox One is a WINDOWS 10 devices. Plain and simple.

3) Microsoft had made it clear when Satya took over they were a devices, services and cloud company. Xbox is the most important part of their gaming and entertainment strategy for the living room and the PC, and what ties everything all together?

Windows 10.

Please stop the piss fest with these asinine comments every time Microsoft decides to put one of THEIR games on one of its other Platforms.

FORZA 6 on PC will be great for PC users.

traumadisaster1374d ago

No, because lots don't have a cpu to run it and prefer an easy box (console).

Izalith1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )


You're so wrong. 3DS and Wii U have different exclusives that are true exclusives. I dont see Mario Kart 8 on 3DS, I dont see Bayonetta 2 on 3ds, so stop lying and distorting the facts.

Xbox One fans are the worst bunch, it actually hurts me reading the comments here since im part of them since I have X1 Elite with my Wii U, PS4 and Nvidia Shield Android TV.

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Automatic791374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

I actually like the idea of being able to access all my games on any Windows 10 PC and being able to play on Xbox One as well(How many of us bring portable labtops or Microsoft surface PC on vacation's or in the alternative wish we can bring our home consoles on vacations, now with Windows 10 accessing your games is easy, think of the possibilties). Plus MS continuously investing in more new IP's and existing franchises. This is the wave of the future. Access my games on any Windows devices. Bring it on MS.

Hunkaloverbear1374d ago

This is amazing news only downplayed by those who need to damage control it simply for being a megaton feature for xbox one owners

Ricegum1374d ago

Dude, what on earth are you talking about? Damage control what lmao?

You're trying to make an issue out of something that isn't there, it's kind of silly.

madmonkey011374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

yeh good feature,you can play any ps4 game on any pc with a DS4 or xbox control, windows 10 or not and have been able to for some time now, xbox playing catch up again at the expense of its own selling points.

christocolus1374d ago


Couldnt agree more and besides all the games will remain console exclusive to Xbox. If you want to play QB, Forza , Recore, Halo Wars, Sea of Thieves on a game console then there is only one option for you...Xbox One. So i don't see what the big deal is. MS owns xbox and windows 10. it's not like they are putting the games on a rival platform and I dont see console only gamers suddenly switching to PC.I personally dont enjoy gaming on PC and its same with most i game with. Pc gamers will keep gaming on the platform they prefer and console gamers will keep gaming on Xbox one.MS obviously knows what they are doing.they stand to gain a much larger audience for their games , make more sales, invest in more games and all this happens within the windows ecosystem. only a few fail to see the benefits of this.

Ricegum1374d ago

You're missing the point I think.

What this does do is make the Xbox One more or less obsolete to anyone who has a half decent PC, which is probably a lot of people. I fall into that category, I now have almost no reason to get an Xbox One since I have a PS4 and a PC.

This sort of thing Microsoft are doing with Windows will pretty much kill the Xbox brand.

christocolus1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )


You think console gamers will automatically switch to PC? Not likely. Console gamers game on console for many reasons. You obviously enjoy PC gaming or you wouldn't even consider it as an option. Most casual gamers I know game on console.

Console gamers play on console for various reasons. Not everyone is obsessed with hardware specs 4k and 60fps. Sometimes the ease, convenience and portability of console gaming is all a gamer wants and its also very easy to maintain a console. I've had my original xbox since launch and i still play panzer dragoon orta on it till this day without issues.

"This sort of thing Microsoft are doing with Windows will pretty much kill the Xbox brand"

I don't think so.Windows and Xbox can coexist side by side. What MS is doing is giving gamers like you a choice. Play on Xbox one or Windows 10. If MS was putting its games on PS4 then you could make that claim. PC gaming has been around for years and yet consoles have thrived along side will be no different this time..There will also be a new Xbox console( this has been confirmed by Phil) and I'm sure majority of Xbox fans will continue buying and playing on xbox consoles. Those like you with PC's can keep playing on PC.

WelkinCole1374d ago

The fact you still refuse to see that this move is bad for xbox itself is quite interesting.

Here is the reality

Most people have PC or laptops that can play most games that will be on windows store. They might not be high or mid settings but they can still play them.

This significantly will not help xbox consoles sales whatsoever.

The console game right from the start has always been a numbers game.

It is why console holders in most cases always sell their hardware at a loss and why publishers and devs always keep tab of the market share with great interest.

MS are trying to change the game but while I see it will help with their PC gaming I just don't see how this will help the xbox console.

christocolus1374d ago


All well and good. If you prefer windows 10 then MS is giving you an option. Console gamers who own high end PCs are not in the majority so I wonder where you guys keep getting this. Almost all those I game with own just laptops for work and stuff. Windows 10 killing the xbox console is yet to be seen. If Ms next Xbox console falls flat on its face on arrival then you can make all these claims but for now Xbox aint going anywhere it remains one of MS biggest consumer brands.

RiseofScorpio1374d ago

The Xbox brand is losing its identity and your ok with it? Not to mention you get to play online for free on PC.

_-EDMIX-_1374d ago

@Waluigi_isunderrated- "The Xbox brand is losing its identity and your ok with it?"

Why should they lose money and abandon one of their install bases to only support and push the brand?

Their goal is to make money, not push some fanboy agenda to add to some list war.

I'm sorry but I don't get why they should continue leaving money on the table to push a "brand". The reality is, those games still exist on XB, they will exist on Windows as a OS....if anything its pushing the most important brand....THE MICROSOFT BRAND!

Their damn job is to make MONEY! Your asking them to lose money to look "kewl" and continue some stupid pissing contest.

Why? Is their really a great reason why they should do this?

Was someone actually buying an XB solely because others couldn't play those games? SO it appearing on PC is making them not buy either? I don't get it bud? Who is buying a game JUST because someone else can't play it?

FlexLuger1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

"Here is the reality

Most people have PC or laptops that can play most games that will be on windows store. They might not be high or mid settings but they can still play them."

Actually...most peopl own tablets in place of a lap top. The desktop is a dying breed outside of hardcore Pc gamers and creative proffesionals. Nobody else needs one and that is reflected in the slaes of types of devices people play on. the reality is as you said yourself, most people dont own a device capable of playing these games at xbox like settings. So who is going to buy a 300 dollar laptop just play forza at half the framerate ( with effects turned down) when they could have bout the console version for the same money and got optimal performance in that price bracket? And given that much more of W10s functionality will be coming to xbox over time...that renders the laptop useless, especially when KB/M support and support for W10 pro level apps comes along.

W10 is a door that swings both guys just like to focus on what you can throw at xbox gamers...but you still aint seeing the whole picture Ms is painting here and the trouble it will spell for you were though.

As for PC gamers who were always shitting on forza and are sudenly excited..good for you. MS will appreciate your money and your required W10 upgrade choice, along with the xbox account you will need to play this game. You will also see why its the best sim out there.

I got nothing to complain about. I been playing forza since day one and play it to this day. looking forward to my Porsche DLC later on today and my VIP DLC cars coming in a few days, thanks to my season pass.


"I now have almost no reason to get an Xbox One since I have a PS4 and a PC."

stop kidding yourself. You were never going to get one.

"This sort of thing Microsoft are doing with Windows will pretty much kill the Xbox brand.2

Yes...because everybody is going out and suddenly building rigs at twice the cost of the console right....yeah...thats makes sense... /s

Who knew MS games were THIS desirable? Hands up, all the xbox owners who would go out and build a rig to play a PS4 game on PC, even though the cheaper PS4 is not something you would even blink at....

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Izalith1374d ago ShowReplies(2)
Booyaka6191374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Will try if it's free, was not going pay for forza in the first place when there are better racing sims available on pc so being free is good.

yewles11374d ago Show