The Division: Ask Ubisoft Massive Anything [Update]

The team behind Tom Clancy's The Division is ready to answer your questions about the game.

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Perjoss1377d ago

I'm really looking forward to the game but I feel like some of these answers were a bit vague, like they were just batting away the questions rather than going into detail and giving real answers.

I guess that's the difference between big and small devs, usually when you ask an indie about their game they give loads of interesting insights and details, unless its one of those spoiler heavy games like Firewatch or The Witness.

EFFIN_Adduce1377d ago

Really disappointing that there is no feature to inspect other people's gear. I always like looking at the load outs my friends have, etc.

zerocarnage1377d ago

You can tell they don't want to give much away, I'm not to bothered about this though this time because of the game and how I enjoyed it so much.

It's good that they have said if they give to much away it will spoil the surprises they have left in game for us, certain questions though could be answered..