Will Ratchet & Clank PS4 Appeal To A New Generation Of Gamers?

Most remakes are designed specifically for the long-time fans of a franchise, but this particular remake might actually cater to younger gamers, too.

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FallenAngel19841378d ago

I think that this game & movie could appeal to longtime fans and newcomers to the franchise.

ABizzel11377d ago

Exactly it's going to take the movie to introduce the franchise to new fans. Hopefully it works for Ratchet.

These type of animated movies usually go on to gross over $100m at the box office, which translates into about 10m people seeing the movie. Let's say the parent to kid ratio is 1:1, so 5m kids go see it, that's a potential 100k - 500k (3% - 10% RoS) bonus sales for Ratchet, as well as some potential PS4 sales as well.

Kingthrash3601377d ago

Agreed r&c having a movie is great marketing for the game already. With fans from back in the ps2 days wanting to play it and the movie introducing it to people new to gaming will really help add to the sales of this game. It's looking really beautiful like a Pixar movie and knowing insomniac this will be the r&c we know and love.
This is a day one game. I'm not even hype, I just want some R&C fun...something awsome I can enjoy before I get to losing my life to uncharted. Gunna be a masterful 2 weeks for ps4 owners.

ninsigma1378d ago

I think so. Ratchet and clank is a pretty big name at this point. Parents who are looking for games that aren't super violent for their kids may recognise the game. And God knows all the parents who are gamers will be getting this for their kids (but really for themselves :p ). Plenty of opportunity for this to gain a new audience.

Relientk771377d ago

Ratchet & Clank looks absolutely gorgeous on PS4 it's insane

Clown_Syndr0me1377d ago

I don't know, but it will definitely attract me! Good to see some fair pricing going on too.

madmonkey011377d ago

sure it will, there is a lack of games for the younger audiences these days, tend to be limited to lego or skylanders, but with ratchet and clank it is playable by kids but fun for adults too.

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The story is too old to be commented.