GTA VI: 10 Features That Must Be Included


Wild explosions, absolutely crazy departures from actually playing the missions and bombastic, juvenile humour that never stops being funny; these are all elements of the Grand Theft Auto series that series fans know and love. It’s likely there are those who haven’t even completed any of the main games in the franchise, so heavy is the temptation to simply carve a path of destruction away from the main story.

GTA has long since been an open-ended experience, that’s what makes it so much fun. Of course, having a good story to underpin the madness is advised, but that’s something developers Rockstar seemingly have no problem with. If GTA IV was a more serious game overall, GTA V opened a can of crazy and poured it all over that ideology. Things seemed larger than life again; louder, and way more in your face.

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-Foxtrot1380d ago

I would only want a fresh location after they've done Vice's only fair. First Liberty City, then Los Santos, it's only fair Vice City gets the upgrade treatment. I hope it's something like this...

(Quickly made to show as an example)

Totally expanded. You start in Vice City then after a bit in the games story you can travel out of there to the main land and surrounding islands.

Hopefully it will go back to one character aswell. Just a single one where everything we buy and do is with that one character. In GTAV Trevor should have been the main character. More characters during missions fine but the story should focus on one player, not three.

Sureshot1379d ago

good effort for the map dude!

OoglyBoogly1379d ago

It might be "fair" but I'm honestly tired of re-visiting the same locations. I want something new and preferably exotic! Like China or London or Paris or maybe even somewhere like India!

-Foxtrot1379d ago

Hey I'm up for anything once we see Vice City done.

OoglyBoogly1379d ago

One of the biggest changes (and I don't know if this was in the article as I didn't care to view it after I noticed that they do that whole "one item per page" garbage bullshit) that I want in the new GTA is dumbed down cops.

If there's one thing that GTA 4 did better was it's cops. They were slowish and goofy but could still cause damage if you riled up enough shit! In GTA 5 though you punch someone and next thing you know a cop headshots you with his pistol across the street. Over all they made GTA 5 less enjoyable in my eyes. Rockstar went too OP and max A.I. on them and it made getting stars less about having fun with the cops and more about not wanting too because you would die in the next 30 seconds.