10 Reasons why the SEGA Dreamcast Failed

The Sega Dreamcast, remembered nowadays as a cult favorite, was the unsuccessful gaming console that attempted to compete with the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube. Released on 9/9/99, the Dreamcast is often described as “ahead of its time,” as it did a lot of things well but ultimately failed to establish itself as a viable alternative to Sony’s massively successful PlayStation 2, which was released the following year. Sega would discontinue the Dreamcast in 2001 after less than 2 years on the North American market. With disagreement over the company’s future, Sega decided to abandon the console business and become a third party developer. Here are 10 reasons why the Dreamcast suffered this untimely fate.

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stonecold31385d ago

i still have my dreamcast to this day i love the games on the system but its pretty sad sega no longer making a new machine anymore and with all there good game they have should have been released i do hope in some way sega will come back to its fans

Yi-Long1384d ago

Agreed, I absolutely LOVED my Dreamcast. It had amazing games with fantastic visuals for the time, and great gameplay.

I would add another 2 reasons to the list of why it failed; Here in Holland, it was simply very hard to find. Regular toy stores weren't selling it nor the games, so anyone who was interested had to go to a specialized game store to actually buy games.

Which brings us to my 2nd additional reason it failed; it was apparently very easy to just play illegal copies on it instead.

Apocalypse Shadow1385d ago

Didn't fail for me. I bought two.

But it was a sad day in gaming. Was working at EB then and we got the news. Best arcade system Sega ever made. And they went out with a bang.I miss that Sega flavor in a game nowadays.

Too bad the current Sega has no idea how to handle their franchises well or ask for collaborations with other companies for their take on their franchises. But Sammy's content with pachinko games using Sega properties. And konami seems to want to go the same route.

FallenAngel19841384d ago

The Genesis is undoubtedly Sega's best console

Apocalypse Shadow1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

I loved the Genesis. But the Dreamcast was really the arcade at home for me. It's a tough call for me since I liked my

Master system
Sega Nomad
Sega Saturn

I could say streets of rage, gunstar,phantasy star,thunder force,super Monaco,madden,etc were awesome. But then I could say the same for PSO,CvsSNK,skies of arcadia,powerstone,soul calibur,shenmue,F355,nfl2k,nba 2k,etc were awesome.

Boy that's a tough call for me.If it were sales, I'd agree with you. If it weren't sales, then I'd disagree.... Sort of... Lol!

RosweeSon1384d ago

Yeah but dreamcast was also a great system introduced online gaming to the masses (for games consoles anyway) just a bit prematurely, Sega as always a bit ahead of the times, the games were fantastic on dreamcast tho. Just a shame Sonic never translated that well to 3D, Generations was great but Sonic is best in 2d unless Sega let Nintendo make a 3D sonic ;) doubtful tho.

Tapewurm1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Still have my Dreamcast and Saturn... For me the Saturn is the one... Panzer Dragoon (All of them), Shining Force III, Shining the Holy Ark, Mystaria, Burning Rangers, Dragon Force, Virtua Fighter (all including Fighters Mega Mix), Daytona CCE, Sega Rally, Virtual On, and Virtua Cop,.... Still have all of these and recently purchased a Saturn to scart (ntsc/pal)cable to hook up to a scart to HDMI convertor and have been playing Saturn games in 1080p ..... looks so good! 8) Good dose of Nostalgia lol...been replaying all of them.

On the Dreamcast side though...Love Skies of Arcadia, Shenmue,Phantasy Star Online, Hydro Thunder, Grandia II, and all of the Sega Arcade ports (House of the Dead 2, Virtua Fighter 3tb, Daytona USA 2001, Sega Rally 2)... one of my favorite features the Dreamcast had for "on the couch" gaming was the VMU....loved playing NFL2k where you could only see the plays you picked on your VMU.... an excellent feature that needs to be replicated by the newer consoles.

Apocalypse Shadow1384d ago

I know what you mean tape. I was rocking the Saturn too. Guess deep down I loved Sega more than the rest. Probably why it hit me hard when they jumped out of the game.

They made a lot of mistakes but Sega was an awesome company anyway.

FallenAngel19841385d ago

The Dreamcast would've suffered even if it survived throughout the 6th gen. Its lack of a second analog stick, dial up modem, small 1GB GD-ROM format which was extremely easy to pirate, retailer stores and consumer distrust of Sega, and being underpowered compared to the later consoles it was supposed to compete with would've caused problems further down the line.

It was indeed a console with some qualities that were ahead of their time, but it was behind the times in many other aspects.

wheresmymonkey1384d ago

It was actually on a Par with the PS2 grpahically the GC mini discs were only 1.5gb, you could swap out the 33k modem for a LAN adapter ( there actually was one released for it in Japan, along with a proposed DVD drive.

the second analogue stick could also be rectified by a new pad. or failing that the DC already had both a mouse and Keyboard and quake 3 on the console had cross play with PC and Mouse and keyboard support.

PhoenixUp1384d ago

-No the PS2 was far more powerful than the Dreamcast.
- The Dreamcast discs would've been even more limiting than GameCube discs. This is in addition to its underpowered tech would negatively impacted third party support.
- SEGA would still have to accommodate the gamers who still had the original controller.

rmw2hot871384d ago

Sega Dreamcast will always be my favorite console of all time.

Godmars2901384d ago

The Sega Saturn. Or all of the add-ons for the Genesis

Hell, if the 32x, Sega CD - and the other thing? - hadn't happened, if more attention had been given to the Saturn or the focus been on the Dreamcast since it was pretty much being made at the same time, things likely would have been more stable.

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