Sony PSP: How to Keep Downloading and Playing Games Using the PS3

Even though the PSP's PlayStation Store is closing, you can still download and play PSP games - here's how to do it using your PS3.

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Digital_Anomaly1380d ago

People still use their PSP!?

crazychris41241380d ago

I do but it varies. Usually its once a month but sometimes ill play all week then not touch it for 2 months. Not bad for a system thats 11 years old.

DonkeyDoner1380d ago

on my pc yeah,the library far more awesome than DS

Kallisti1380d ago

A PSP with custom firmware is still one of the best handheld experiences you can get.

Eidolon1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

I do, used it for some exclusives and PS1 games. Started playing MGS1 after beating Phantom Pain( even though I haven't played any Metal Gear before.) Prefer the portability for that game.

miyamoto1380d ago

Dude, I just hook it up on my 46" tv via RGB A/V cable and i have a great micro console to play with.

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MRBIGCAT1380d ago

If only I still had a PSP. My Vita just seems to collect dust.

Eidolon1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

Vita plays most of what PSP can.. unless you mean you miss being able to play your physical PSP library.

DualWielding1380d ago

can you continue to download on Vita?

Eidolon1380d ago

Of course, people still buy this stuff and the Vita's store will be supported for a few more years.

KwietStorm1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

The whole point of the "workaround" is because the PSP store is shutting down. Anything else is untouched.

WheatBread1380d ago

The PSP was a great little handheld.