The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 1 "In Too Deep" Review – GamersFTW

The Walking Dead: Michonne's premiere episode feels like a mixed bag. It’s got fantastic action sequences and a great plot lying underneath all the uninteresting characters, lack of decisions and lackluster ending. If you’re a fan of Telltale’s previous work with the license, you should probably still give this one a go, but if you’re new to this universe, there are much better places to start

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joedom1376d ago

The Walking Dead has always thrived on how groups of people interact with each ohter during trying times; it's what makes the player feel invested and the moral choices seem so tough. Therefore, focusing on one character does feel like taking a step backwards.

jb2271376d ago

I don't see that in regards to this episode...beyond the fact that this is just the first installment and that we've seen TWD episodes focus mainly on a single character before (Clem & the dog from season 2), there were actually bigger more impactful choices to align yourself w/ others in this one than in most. You could either trust the new kids completely and align yourself with them over the new group that way, or you could distrust the kids but back them up anyway in order to save them from that new group, or you could side w/ the group & leave the kids to their own devices entirely.

I haven't made a second play through to be sure that these choices are consequential, but judging off of my first one, they would definitely hold at least some weight considering there are weighty choices that could mean life or death in this first episode, which is an impactful choice coming on a lot sooner than we've seen them do so in the past. I think you could definitely level the criticism that the game doesn't feel like a change from the rest of the installments, but I definitely don't see it as any lesser in any arena, and I personally think they give you more in the way of choices to sculpt your relationships how you see fit than they ever have in the last really most likely down to the shorter run time. I think this will be more of the same, but compressed & as a byproduct, more immediate than the previous episodes.