We Almost Had a Photorealistic Street Fighter V According to Game Producer

Koichi Sugiyama is one of the producers of Street Fighter V. Japanese site had the chance to sit and talk to Mr. Sugiyama about all things related to the game. At one point during the interview, Gamespark asked the producer about the decision on the game’s visual, and to everyone’s surprise Sugiyama San revealed that at the early stages of the game Capcom had a Photorealistic Street Fighter V build. Hadoken have scans from a japanese Art book showing Screens and art fomr this photorealistic build.

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PixelGateUk1383d ago

Prefer stylised art style myself

Darkwatchman1383d ago

It's not a matter of which you prefer. It's a matter of which fits a game more. Some games work best stylized. Some games work best realistic. That's just how it is. Can you imagine The Witcher 3 if it tried to be super stylized? It would not fit with the tone at all and just be jarring.

PixelGateUk1383d ago

'It's not a matter of which you prefer'

Given it's my opinion, i'm 99.9999% sure it what i think.

If i said Street fighter MUST have a certain visual style, your comment would of made sense.

''Can you imagine The Witcher 3 if it tried to be super stylized?''


n4g00061383d ago

Some people needs to get their eyes check, That "photorealistic build" isn't photorealistic.

UltraNova1383d ago


Its stylized Photo-realism duh!

garrettbobbyferguson1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

"Which fits a game more"

What? As long as an art style looks good, you can make it work with any game. What the hell kind of logic are you using? Do you think you cannot make a horror game look horrifying by using a cel shaded art style?

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Darkwatchman1383d ago

You can prefers art style all you want, but that doesn't mean it'll look good for every game. I prefer realistic visuals usually, but a game like Life Is Strange has a very stylized painted look to it and while not the perfect representation of that style what with the awkward hair, I could only see Life Is Strange with its indie aesthetic working well with its art style. Despite the fact that I prefer realism, a game like Life Is Strange works better with its look and Ni No Kuni and its sequel would just not be the same with a realistic art style. So again, it's not really which you generally prefer. It's which fits the game better regardless of your personal preferences.

PixelGateUk1383d ago

You're literally either ignoring what i said or don't understand.

'Prefer stylised art style myself'

This is a opinion.

if i said ' Street Fighter should always be stylized' your comment would make sense. I do not get how you don't understand that, nor do i get why you keep naming random games and saying 'but IF'

How can you not get that dude?

SojournUK1383d ago

@PixelGateUk Careful dude, they don't like people having opinions on here.

Theparanerds1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Do you just like to angrily type?

I like apples- therefore my opinion of apples is 100% mine.

PixelGateUk prefers stylised art style that means that's 100% his/her opinion.

rainslacker1383d ago

I was looking forward to a modernized SF: The movie: the game reboot. /s

ABizzel11383d ago

The gameplay graphics look bad and bland like 6th-gen Soul Calibur graphically.

However, the concept art looks freaking amazing, maybe a brand new series with that style.

Darkwatchman1383d ago

Now that I'm re-reading it, I understsnd. I don't know what I was thinking. Damn, I need to clear my head.

MoveTheGlow1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

I prefer it too in this case. The SFV aesthetic's great with the character-specific colored "chi" or whatever it is everywhere. It's nice!

The backgrounds, however... they need some work. I mean, I get the design, but the framerate on those NPCs...

AndrewLB1382d ago

Like so many other games, once they found out the final hardware specs for these "next gen" consoles, they had to dumb it down. :(

3-4-51382d ago

Art Style > Realism for any game...any genre.

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strugler1383d ago

same here. Like the anime influence.

masterfox1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

wow!the second pic environment and the small glimpse of the character that is the jump in visuals I was talking about between iterations(2->3->4), sadly we get and updated Street Fighter IV version with a darker tone and less effects. DAMN YOU CAPCOM!!

Seriously the more I see the picture the more a huge go to hell CAPCOM!!! probably this was even the complete game!, the image screams that it was a very dark story in it!, in the end we got still this cartoony look :/

DarkOcelet1383d ago

The game would lose all its charm without its Cartoony/Anime look.

Seriously, Bison looks like crap in that Photo reaslistc version.

masterfox1383d ago

It would never loose its charm cause in the end the characters, their special moves and mechanics are what it makes it a Street Fighter game imo, go and look SFIII how they retain a colorful environments and anime like and still make it more mature and serious Street Fighter, in the pic see the hand painted character its still has the anime like feature but more mature, in SF4 Capcom decide to jump into a more cartoony visuals(hate it) it was for me to no longer take seriously the series, in SFIII seeing in motion all the characters, seeing all those sprites reacting with their moves was and still is amazing, in SFV Capcom looks like it wanted a more mature SF cause its dark tone and a fewer eye coloring effects but still they blew it in taking the same assets from SFIV, they should started from scratch.

Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1383d ago

I agree about it's charm. Along with it's gameplay comes a SF look, and imho, a photo realistic look would have taken away from the SF we know.

gangsta_red1383d ago

Wish they would have taken a chance and went with that style shown in the article. I am not liking the art style in this new SF at all.

bloop1382d ago

I'm with you, although I do like the painted art effect style. It just feels a bit "been there, done that" with already having that style in IV. SFV looks great but for years I've always wanted an ultra realistic SF game.

gangsta_red1382d ago

Definitely agreed. Was talking to a friend about the art and graphic style and I told him the characters look almost clay like. He said yea, like Wallace and Gromit, which had me laughing because that's exactly what most of the characters look like.

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